Editor, Times-Union:

I’m writing to share a few stories of recent experiences my wife and I have endured at local stores in our community. Unfortunately, my wife’s eyesight isn’t the best any more, so I drive her to run errands, get groceries and purchase household essentials.

Recently, I dropped her off at a store to do some shopping while I enjoyed catching up on some reading to pass the time while waiting in the car. As she walked out of the store and across the parking lot, her usual smile was gone, and a disgusted look was on her face. Upon entering our car, the first words out of her mouth were, “I have been standing in line for over 30 minutes to get checked of that store. They only had one line open with a cashier, and all the rest of the lines were self-checkout lanes. And I wasn’t the only old person in line, either. There was also a young mother with a child, a few teenagers, and middle-aged adults. Did I tell you I was in that line for over 30 minutes?”

A few days later, my wife sent me to a different store to purchase a few items she needed. After finding the items and going to the check out, not one line had a clerk, so I led myself into a do-it-yourself lane. I was so frustrated that I returned the items to their location and exited the store. I drove on to the local lumber yard and hardware store to purchase some things I needed. The store also sells a few grocery items, so I was hoping this store might carry the items my wife needed. I couldn’t find the brand she wanted, but a can of beans is a can of beans. I found what we both wanted, and I was checked out by a clerk! I walked out of this store with a smile on my face.

I’ve had other good experiences at this same store. On two different occasions, when I stepped in line to check out my items, a clerk stepped up and said, “Sir, I just opened a lane. If you follow me, I would be happy to check out your items.”

Now, there is nothing special about me as I’ve seen this happen to other customers, too. In other lines, I have been thinking that if this store would ever enlarge their grocery department and get the right brands, we could make it a family event. I could get things I needed from the hardware department, and my wife could purchase her groceries. We not only would save money on gas, but she would get an 11% rebate on her groceries.

Oh, by the way, did I mention she stood in that one check out line for 30 minutes?

Leo Boyer

Winona Lake