Editor, Times-Union:
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but being called a racist can destroy your life. Ironically, many who accuse conservatives of being racists are truly racist because of what they believe and do.
Margaret Sanger supported abortion to prevent “unacceptable” races of reproducing. One of those races were blacks. How can you believe all black lives matter if you don’t want to prevent black women from having abortions? More black lives have been exterminated in the womb than were murdered since the evil days of slavery. Obama supports continuation of the extermination and believed as an Illinois state senator that babies that survived abortions should be allowed to die. As governor of Missouri, John Ashcroft believed in sparing babies that Obama believed should die.
If a president reduced black unemployment and increased their average income, shouldn’t he be praised? Shouldn’t blacks condemn a president who increases black unemployment and decreases average income? Why do liberals attack Reagan who helped blacks and praise Obama who hurt blacks? Maybe these librals are anti-black racists.
Many opposed our invasion of Iraq, which brought freedom and civil rights for females. Many rejoiced when Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq, which allowed ISIS to fill the power vacuum and steal civil rights from females. Maybe groups like Code Pink hate Iraqis.
Blacks were constitutionally given their civil rights more than 140 years ago, southern Democrats stole them away less than a generation later. Blacks won back their civil rights but are told they are still bad off and ironically need racist Democrats to help them.
Plantation owners said slaves couldn’t take care of themselves. Neoplatonists in the Democrat party believe the descendants of those slaves still can’t take care of themselves. Blacks are often considered inferior to whites and need lower standards to get ahead. Neoplatonists inflict blacks with horrible schools, bad job choices and poor living conditions. Black athletes succeed due to merit and not due to quotas.
Self-reliance is not a racist belief. Black Muslims believed this a generation ago. I defended a Black Muslim against verbal attacks who believes this. Black Republicans aren’t insane as Neoplatonists believe. Neoplatonists seem to support black voter fraud by saying they shouldn’t need a picture ID, which allows them to vote multiple times.
Racism is bad. But getting away with racism and being praised for your actions and beliefs because they’re not considered racist is unforgivable.
Rick Badman