Editor, Times-Union:

A government which is basically made up from two predominate ideologies is not a bad thing. In fact it was what our founders had intended. However, the goal is to get as many intelligent, competent men and women to fill the leadership positions regardless of their philosophical bent ... and there’s the rub. Our founders sacrificed everything in their service to our country. It seems that more and more our elective choices’ motivation to run for office are very much an ambition for self-enrichment. Let’s face it, our founders acted out of love for a country established in the idea of self government and were never exposed to the appropriation of trillions of dollars.

As our government bureaucracy swells to an unmanageable size, so too do the tax revenues, and subsequently the lobbyists, parasites and grifters are drawn to it like bugs to a porch light. All of them getting cozy with the politicians, trying to get their hands on a stack of bucks which no one is really keeping track of. The inevitable function of greed has long plagued our government as well as every other government since the beginning, however, we have been replacing the learned, gifted politicians with self-absorbed idiots.

The Democrats are notorious for filling important positions in the government with big donors, friends and friends of friends. The president has the power to appoint his biggest donor or political friend to any Cabinet position, ambassador or personal consultant. He can fill every unelected position of our government with “spanky and our gang,” and not be questioned ... unfortunately, this is apparently what he did.

The major Cabinet positions have been filled by political friends the likes of Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who was nicknamed as “Pothole Pete” because as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, he never had potholes fixed. Susan Granholm, the former governor of Michigan, who heads up our Department of Energy and during a press conference could not even give a reporter the cost of a barrel of oil or Secretary of State Blinken, Secretary of Defense Austin and Joints Chief of Staff Mark Mily, put their collective brain cells together to plan the most embarrassing military operation in our history, all at the orders of President Biden. The museum of unintelligent, unqualified elitists who collect six figure paychecks from the American taxpayers is appalling. The Green Deal advocates have ushered in an unprecedented war on our environment. The answer to fossil fuels have destroyed the marine life off our shores, killed millions of birds, and failed the state of Texas during a once in 100 year winter storm last year. Recently, they have unleashed poison gases from a massive train derailment over the city of Palestine, Ohio and tried their best to hide it from the public.

God save us from the imbecilic rants and regulations, unthoughtful decisions taking the lives of our citizens, land and wildlife. We will have to elect a Republican president to once again restore sanity to our government. We can’t afford the continued expansion of our federal government. There are over 2 million federal employees. Do we really want or need more?

Gerald Roach