Editor, Times-Union:

I have known Scott Clay for six years. I must say my first impression of him was his outgoing personality. Very well spoken and intelligent. Scott has an entrepreneurial spirit and has shown that in his endeavors.

Scott has a servant's heart. He has always shown an interest in making our community better, promoting growth, new business and getting young adults involved. He's honest, he doesn't pretend to know everything but give him a question and he'll find the answer. Scott's an innovative person with fresh ideas and visions for our community. We need to give him a chance to put these in motion. If you think you know the name, Scott Clay, you probably do. He's highly involved with many community organizations and takes all of them to heart.

We need Scott Clay's presence in our county council. We need young, energetic people to be involved and hold office. New visions and fresh outlooks.

Many people just vote for a familiar name, I'm asking each one of you voters to really look and know who you're voting for. Check out www.ScottMClay.com or his Facebook page, or listen to one of the podcasts he's been on. See the people who are endorsing Scott. I encourage you to vote for Scott Clay for County Council District Three.  

Becky Garrett

Warsaw, via email