Editor, Times-Union:

The race for sheriff this year features two good and honorable men. Both served our nation heroically overseas, and both continue to serve our community well at the Sheriff’s Office. Only one can get my vote though, and that man is Jim Smith.

I believe that Jim Smith has all of the qualities we need in a sheriff. He’s down-to-earth and kind-hearted, but tough when he needs to be. He’s been in this campaign for the long-haul, putting in the hard work to earn the trust of Republican voters and receive their vote in the May primary. He has the endurance, the determination and the ability to manage high-stress situations that we need in someone who holds this important office. Finally, he has good, old-fashioned Kosciusko County Republican common sense.  He’ll be fiscally conservative with our tax dollars, including when it comes to his own salary.

The opposition is attacking him with everything they can, including the behavior of his 18-year-old son, which we all know is outside of his control and has nothing to do with the job he would do as sheriff. Jim Smith has taken it all in stride and continued to campaign on a positive message. When I cast my ballot on November 8, I’ll proudly be voting for a great friend of this whole community, Jim Smith.

As Attorney General Todd Rokita said at a recent Smith event, “There are two Jameses in this race, but there’s only one ‘Jim.’”

Steve Foster, Warsaw Chief of Police, Retired

Kosciusko County Republican Party Treasurer

Warsaw, via email