Editor, Times-Union:

I really admire Craig Snow, but I do not want him for my state representative in District 22. He clearly knows a lot about money, which is awesome. However, what I am looking for now is someone to lead us in the culture war we are fighting. In that case, Curt Nisly, the incumbent in District 22, is the clear choice. He has already shown that he will go to the mat for our core values. He is staunchly pro-life, and has authored the Protection at Conception bill, which would outlaw the practice of abortion in Indiana. Because of his understanding of the Constitution, he knows we don't have to await the results of any Supreme Court ruling to end abortion.

Curt has also been a champion of Constitutional Carry legislation, which repeals state imposed limits on our God-given right to self-defense. He has received the 50 Caliber Award from the National Association for Gun Rights. This is the most significant award that any defender of gun rights can receive.

Curt was also one of only a few Republican legislators to vote against the RFRA fix in 2015. We know Curt knows his way around the Indy swamp in order to get things done. So let's send Curt back to Indy, so he can continue to fight for our values.

Pam Galloway

Warsaw, via email