Editor, Times-Union:

I often think about the movie “Wizard of Oz.” The film actually tried to tell us something. The bizarre collection of characters so aptly depicted the diversity so sought after by the LGBTQ+ community, which criticizes the movie today. The wokeism crowd has so departed from their assassination of our culture that they trip over one another in their ludicrous attempt to turn us Americans on one another.

As the leaders in our Congress like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and AOC try ferociously to convince us that accepting bigger government is the way to go. The theory of big government has long ago dismissed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, yet we have a major movement by the “Progressive” party. The Democrats have cloaked themselves in many disguises over the years. Always trying to hide their Communist values of big government, offering handouts to sucker the people into their den, unable to recognize the Beast.

I’ve talked about the witches. The ladies of the left who constantly hide behind their mask of deception. They try endlessly to convince us to follow them, buy their wares, join their fire sale of this great country. It is difficult for one old man to persuade a movement of people to stand up against this demonic assault on our children, our society, the very purpose of our creed that all men are created equal with unalienable rights given to us by our creator. I believe these words, understand what they mean and have given to my community and country.

So what majesty, what entity has the power to influence our largest corporations? Who has the economic power to hamstring the biggest financial players in the world? Who has demanded the compliance of multi-billion dollar businesses to support the moral corruption of our schools, the collapse of our Christian values? Who is the wizard behind the curtain ... China.

Gerald Roach