Editor, Times-Union:

So the first orders of business as stated by the soon-to-be Republican House of Representatives are ... wait for it ... investigate the business dealings of Hunter Biden, re-investigate the possible origins of Covid-19 in China, maybe indict Dr. Fauci, impeach Biden (he’s spoiling the American people by lessening their financial burdens), look deeper into Nancy Pelosi’s reputation, and, oh, yes, disband the J6 commission (they’ve exposed too much truth … as “spilled” by Republicans). Then how about lessening our support for Ukraine’s fight for democracy (a little slaughter and genocide can be overlooked if it saves the U.S. money). And then if there is time, how about making the living conditions much more comfortable for the lunatics who tried to destroy our government and hang our vice president.

Yeah, that ought to lower the price of gas, a gallon of milk, a pound of ground beef, a dozen eggs, and be the first step in lowering the inflation rate. That should certainly reassure all of us that democracy is in safe hands and that our country is finally on the road to being great again. All of that should help us sleep better at night knowing that our most urgent needs are at the forefront of the Republicans’ agenda.

I can hardly wait to hear what the second, third and fourth orders of business will be. Will they set up committees to invade our schools and libraries with the goal to remove anything they do not want us to read? Will they try to enact laws that would restrict or even eliminate the rights and freedoms of any and all who do not look like them … worship like them? Will they continue to pursue their quest to silence and enslave women? To declare anyone who is not straight, or white, or Christian to be subhuman and thus not worthy of the same rights they enjoy? I shudder to think what restrictions and laws they might try to pass that would further separate the American people into their chosen categories of the worthy and the unworthy.

Did you elect your leaders in hopes they would do their jobs and focus on making your lives better, healthier, more prosperous and more peaceful? Will you be content while they focus their time (which you are paying for) plotting revenge on the party that actually accomplished more in two years than they did in decades? After all, it did make them look selfish, lazy, and a bit unworthy of their positions. Tell me again - which party is the do-nothing party?

Pay attention. Buckle up. It looks like chaos and wasted time is on the agenda for a couple years at least. Do not let your guard down. Hang in there. With your perseverance, patience, and constant vigilance, a red wave can once again be diverted from washing over our struggling democracy.

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake, via email