Editor, Times-Union:

The JDAI, Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, program through Kosciusko County is an amazing program. I don't believe that many people in the county know what they do or what this fantastic program is about. The JDAI program uses alternative activities to reach at-risk youth referred by probation to help these youth turn their lives around. JDAI is needed in Kosciusko because it is helping these young men and women to be exposed to positive influence and mentorship. Their ultimate goal is to help these young people change their lives before going any further in the criminal system.

Based in Winona Lake and under the 2nd Mile Adventures umbrella, one program that is utilized through the Alternatives Initiative is Chain-Breakers. Chain-Breakers is a faith based program that takes young men and introduces them to mountain biking, mentorship and hard work in an outdoor setting. Chain-Breakers also utilizes other activities to engage young men in physical activity.  These activities include paintball, downhill skiing, camping, canoeing, hiking, kayaking, tubing, tobogganing and many other physical activities.

For a full biography for Chain-Breakers, or if you are interested in donating, joining, or helping with Chain-Breakers, click on the link below.


David Cook

Founder/Director of Chain-Breakers

Warsaw, via email