Editor, Times-Union:

I, for one, am exhausted by the bickering, the name calling, the threats of violence, and the blatant refusal of Americans to talk, to really listen and to agree to disagree. I am tired of people who make up their own facts or bow down to others who make up the facts for them because they do not understand, or refuse to believe what is going on … or they are afraid to admit they have been used, pranked and taken for fools. I have two burning questions that I wish could be answered after thoughtful introspection and lots of plain old honesty: Why are you so angry? What are you so afraid of?

Are you angry because your candidate told you the last election was rigged and stolen from him? Do you remember when Al Gore lost to Bush by 537 votes? Gore accepted his loss and conceded. Do you remember when Hillary Clinton lost to Trump by 77,000 votes? She accepted her loss and conceded. Do you remember when Trump lost to Biden by 7,000,000 votes? To date there has been no concession or peaceful acceptance of the true, fair results. Are you angry because he lost or because he lied (and is still lying) to you? Or are you angry because despite the accusations, there has yet to be shown one iota of evidence? I don’t blame you. I would be angry too.

Maybe you are not only angry but you are also afraid that there is no evidence, and that you have been lied to all this time by someone who was not interested in doing anything for you personally but only wanted his undeserved power back. Are you afraid of looking foolish? I would be.

Are you angry because you discovered that the leader who said he loved you has “expressed puzzlement over … these people … with their low-rent trailer-camp bearing and their get-ups, once joking that he should have invested in a chain of tattoo parlors ... shaking his head about ‘the great unwashed’.” (Quote from a live interview with Michael Wolff, author of Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency) I would not only be angry; I would be livid.

Maybe you are afraid that he really did not/does not care about you as real people, as Americans, and that he used you, riled you with lies about him always being the victim. It is so easy to be “taken in” and deceived by someone who slyly feeds your fears and gives you false reasons to blame other people for whatever woes you may have. You deserve better than that from the leader of the country. I find that deceit embarrassing and hurtful.

My most fervent hope is that everyone will soon be able to recognize and admit to themselves that we cannot go on like this. The need has never been greater for people to come together in peace to seek truth and accept facts, to share opinions, to make compromises, to respect our differences, and to put our country back together. None of us should be living in anger or fear. A close examination of the people in Russia, North Korea, China, Hungary and several other authoritarian-led countries should be proof enough of what can happen when people stop thinking for themselves and give in to complacency, radicalism, conspiracies and lies. America has always been better than that. Now … can we talk? Can we really talk?

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake, via email