Editor, Times-Union:

I often think back on my life. A trouble maker with several siblings waiting for their chance to free themselves of loving and protective parents who absolutely hated each other. They suffered through many difficult years for the sake of their children. I came very close to being enlisted by the local gang only to be rescued by some early indoctrination by my parents of right and wrong. My defiance to the gangs resulted in many bumps and bruises, but I somehow escaped the hood and joined the military.

My brief rendition of an imperfect childhood and a subsequent productive life is not about me but an endeavor to portray what had been a society in which love and devotion of country was common place. A fundamental belief in right and wrong which seemed instilled in our DNA by our basic understanding of the Ten Commandments. I learned the Ten Commandments through osmosis, following my mother to the church as she decided on teaching Sunday school, probably to rescue her from the purgatory of the confined two bedroom apartment and four children on Western Avenue in Chicago.

After decades of Marxist indoctrination of our children through our public school system and higher education, we find ourselves wondering what has happened in this once great culture, a country which repelled the rule of their former government for their freedom, shed their blood and tears to end the scourge of slavery, committed the country’s GDP to support a war effort that saved the world from totalitarianism, and marshalled the effort to put a man on the moon. We traveled the globe with the pride of a nation envied by the rest of the world ... not so much now.

The constant anti-American rhetoric echoed by many of our Democrat politicians, celebrities and Woke corporations have caused an erosion in our devotion to God and country. An almost illiterate youth, brainwashed by a school curriculum adopted straight from the Socialist writings of Saul Aulinsky, electronic games and devices that have created an almost zombie like culture devoid of everything righteous and filled with nothing but hatred.

Our cities are overwhelmed by crime due to the progressive left’s demand to “defund the police” and an appeasement of the criminals by the likes of DAs who take their marching orders from Socialists like George Soros and other Marxists with deep pockets. The sole desire of these revolutionists is to create chaos in this once great country but the fabric of America is far more resilient than they have first thought. We will elect strong leaders with the determination to instill the American culture and freedom once again. We will expand the ranks of our law enforcement agencies, take back our cities and restore a brighter future for our children ... even if we have to hand out a few bumps and bruises.

Gerald Roach