Editor, Times-Union:

Over the summer I have read a few editorials regarding the wonderful leadership of the Biden administration and the democratic party.

Being that I love history, I want to be helpful here and share a few pages that were overlooked.

The failure of Afghanistan for veterans and citizens, the failure to protect the southern border, the defund the police movement. Per ABC 7 on your side 11 of 15 deadliest cities in the U. S. are run by democrats.

Russia and North Korea saw their moment when they knew we had a weak leader and moved their agendas forward and Bidens foreign policies has embarrassed and crippled the U.S. power and influence on the world stage.

Inflation has reached its highest point in 40 years, gas remains at a high, we face an increase in energy prices while the Keystone pipeline could have created thousands of jobs and transported oil from Canada who is one of the worlds cleanest oil producers.

Then goes to Saudi Arabia to beg for cheap oil and makes a fool of himself. Sometimes I think he gets his advice from The View TV show. And thinks he may run in 2024. Come on man, "NEVER AGAIN" please.

Mike Wood

Warsaw, via email