Editor, Times-Union:

Consider “these truths to be self evident”:

The current administration, in its goals to make everyone’s lives better, has passed legislation to address climate change (it is real), cut the cost of prescription drugs, cut childhood poverty by 40%, and provide funds for the re-building of America’s infrastructure (finally!). It has provided free testing and vaccinations in order to try to end a deadly epidemic, strengthened our relationships with world allies, and ended the coddling of and kowtowing to foreign enemies. It has also recognized and called out our domestic enemies, passed the most important gun legislation in recent decades without taking away your guns, and provided massive funding to improve and strengthen our law enforcement agencies – not defund them!

These are only some of the remarkable achievements of the current administration, most of which were voted against by Republicans – who, by the way, try to claim credit when they meet with their constituents.

Now, at long last, the Republicans have come up with some “plans” they intend to implement should they become the majority party in the Senate and House this November. Pay close attention to their plans for undoing everything that makes your lives better. Their plans — if implemented — will be catastrophic to our country, our democracy, and our personal lives. (Do you not realize that our economy is closely tied to our democracy? That an autocratic regime making all the rules will destroy our economy?) You think things are bad now? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Research the downfall and life styles of the people in countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, North Korea, China, etc. Do your homework. Joe Biden is not the creator of inflation or gas prices. Do you know what price gougers are? Do you understand the motives of big business leaders when price setting?

Check out The Republicans’ recent “Commitment to America” declaration. Read about their plans for cutting and limiting Social Security benefits … perhaps raising the age of Medicare eligibility to 75, or taxing disabled veterans benefits, or taxing employer sponsored health care plans.There is already a Republican sponsored bill in the works to overturn the recently enacted prescription drug cap and insulin cost reduction for seniors. There are already plans in the works to ban family planning aids like IVF, birth control, as well as a federal ban on personal family planning and health care … especially for women. And how blind do you have to be to recognize the mind-boggling lies about public schools and their teachers? Wake up!

While the current administration is working diligently, tirelessly and empathetically to make our lives better, the Republicans are working methodically and cruelly to take away rights, to make our lives more difficult, to make us serfs to their autocratic control. They are constantly lying to you about their reasoning and their motives. Pay close attention to what they do ….. not what they say.

Vote this November, but be an informed voter. What rights are you willing to give up?

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake, via email