Editor, Times-Union:

Branch banks? They don’t need no stinking branch banks!

Remember when our banks were locally run? Each bank had a president who was very active in the community. They helped raise money for various charities and spoke to many groups. They knew us and we knew them. They oversaw a group of loan officers who could and did make decisions locally.

Today, most of our local banks have been taken over by corporations whose mantra is “spread out then spread thin.” Gone is local autonomy and in its place are mid-level workers who shuffle all decision-making to a remote location that couldn’t find Warsaw on a map. As they expand, our services shrink.

I know of at least six branches that have been closed in the area by PNC. The latest was the one at the shopping center east of town. Now I am forced to drive downtown to deposit my company’s receipts. We all know how much fun that can be. Clearly, our convenience means nothing to these mega corporations and local service is being greatly diminished. It’s as though they are trying to totally eliminate the cost of doing business.

PNC is not the only one letting employees go and closing branches. Northwest was quick to shut down their popular branch on 15 North soon after acquiring Mutual Federal.

Financial institutions are quick to suggest remote control is just fine because of all the electronics available online. What about the senior citizen from Milford who now has to drive to Warsaw to speak to an employee in person? Following menus and navigating recorded messages isn’t for everyone.

Remote control banks? We don’t need no stinking remote control banks.

Jon Schutz