Editor, Times-Union:

Authoritarianism is a system of governing that favors strict rules and established authority. People espousing this system believe in a political system in which obedience to the ruling person or group is strongly enforced. In order to keep peace and avoid chaos, people follow those who promise to make sure that peace and affluence is maintained, not realizing that they are pledging allegiance to a way of life that suppresses their individual liberties. We are on the verge of giving in to authoritarianism in our country. We are blindly allowing others to dictate the conditions under which we live.

Based upon his extensive study of previous cultures and civilizations, Francis August Schaeffer, an American evangelical theologian, philosopher and Presbyterian pastor predicted over 50 years ago the road our nation is now traveling. He predicted that a group of elitists will exert power and begin to control all aspects of society. We are beginning to see that group of elitists arise in the form of media, scientists, medical professionals and politicians as they decide for the masses what is permissible and what is not. This elite group exhibits god-like control over the people, indicating that they know what is best for the populace. Government officials in many states and cities are now determining what is essential and what is not based upon their own ideas designed to give them absolute control over the lives of people. They use fear as a motivator to cause people to panic in order to maintain absolute power.

The legislature is masking their agenda by claiming to be passing bills in the taxpayer’s best interest in order to hide the power transfer to the elitists so that they can gain control of the country and accomplish their own plans. The truth is that the politicians are following their own agenda and not the will of the people. As a result, the current legislation contains a lot of money spent on items that have nothing to do with solving the country’s problems.

The populace is close to losing the opportunity of having a say in the direction this country is headed. This administration has now legislated us into a debt of over $30 trillion with no end in sight of how much more they are willing to spend. Their response to spending more money is to simply print more causing a devaluation of the currency. As the country approaches the collapse, we will begin to lose the freedoms we have because the elitist agenda is to control every aspect of our lives. Even now we are seeing the politicization of government agencies for the benefit of the controlling party. People in many states being told what they can and cannot do resulting in the loss of their freedoms in many areas because the elitists are in charge.

So where are we headed as a nation? You can determine the direction in just a few short weeks. You will decide on freedom or tyranny.

George Irvin

Bourbon, via email