Editor, Times-Union:

It truly galls me how pathetic and foolish the human race is. The news media in general has been reporting a rise in anti-semitism, acts of violence and hateful speech directed toward Jewish people.

Growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, I never knew about the Holocaust, the wicked mass murder of more than 6 million of Europe’s Jewish population, at the hands of Hitler and his filthy Nazi party scum.

It wasn’t until the NBC network aired a mini-series titled “Holocaust,” which chronicled the stories of two separate families - the Jewish Weiss family and the German Doy family.

As I watched that drama over the week, I was shocked and sickened at how formerly rational German citizens could turn on their friends, neighbors and fellow countrymen, all because some filthy, political maddog spewed out lies and propaganda, condemning Jewish people across Europe.

6 million people-plus, among the Jewish faith, were totally assaulted, stripped of their rights, property, everything that any decent person cherishes in their lives and then murdered!

No thought of mercy for any of those people. No consideration for what these dear people, individually or as a culture over centuries, had done for Europe, or the world as a whole.

Plus, where was the continent’s knowledge of the word of God?

From the Old Testament, to the New Testament, Jewish people figure prominently throughout the holy, God breathed scriptures!

No one condemns the Jewish people is without excuse for their hatred and vitriol when it comes to hate speech directed towards the Jews.

No one!

Jesus Christ, given by Almighty God, His Father, was of the lineage of King David ... on of the heroes of the Old Testament, and a Jew!

To condemn the Jews is the same as condemning the son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

That is the very heart of evil in this sin sick, hurting world.

The Jews are God’s chosen people. Yet, Christians are God’s people, as well.

I thank God for the Jewish people. Their faith, their very nation - Israel, and of the holy city of Jerusalem.

I thank God, too, for sending His son, the Lord Jesus Christ to be the atoning sacrifice for the sins of this world, which are so many, so terrible.

Yet, God loves us all so much that He offers us all this Holy sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the son og God, as the price paid for our wickedness.

Forgiveness if we all simply humble ourselves, report with a grateful heart and ask God to forgive us and receive Christ as our savior and Lord.

William Gerald Smith