Editor, Times-Union:

The raid on Trump's compound was just one example of Joe Biden's war against America. His corruption and that of his son and brother is endangering America and could lead to our demise unless some actions are done.  

First, we need to vote for Republicans to take back Congress from the Democrats. The Democrats are going insane accusing Republicans of wanting to destroy democracy. It was Democrats that illegally changed election laws in various states to allow them to have a better chance of defeating Trump in 2020. If Democrats had allowed Republicans to stay in the rooms where votes were being counted and had followed fair practices like varifying the identity of voters and determining if they were legal voters, maybe Trump would have won.  

I know that many voters for Biden were told the Hunter Biden laptop was disinformation and would have not voted for him if they had known the reports were true. Sometimes I wish reporters like Peter Doosey had told Joe when he said he had never talked with Hunter about his business dealings he was lying and had the photo evidence of Joe and Hunter with Hunter's business partners. Peter would have been cursed at. But maybe Joe's anger would have cost him the election and could have saved Americans the chaos we're experiencing today.  

Every time I heard Joe blame Putin for the high energy costs and other problems we all know are Joe's fault I considered it a confession that he is doing what Putin wanted him to do. Putin didn't like America being energy independent and the low oil prices. Wham. Joe cancels the Keystone pipeline and gave Russia the go ahead to finish its pipeline to send gas to Europe.

Joe threw roadblocks to diminish oil and gas drilling.  Trump wanted to ship liquified natural gas to Europe to shut down the Russian gas market. Actually, to my knowledge there is still plenty of gas and oil in the North Sea. But it might have been environmentalists that acted like Biden and shut down production which hurt Europe. Russia is doing much better economically than America and can thank Biden for that. When Biden went after various billionaires in Russia he didn't go after the ones that had business with Hunter.  How convenient. The war in Ukraine is going Russia's way because Biden didn't want to believe Russia would actually invade the country. So he didn't send Ukraine the weapons it needed when it needed them to prevent Russia from invading the nation. Putin took advantage of Biden's weakness and invaded.

China might be our ultimate enemy and Joe isn't helping our military be ready to fight in a future war against that nation. If vaccine mandates and wokeness cost us the war, blame Joe.

Rick Badman