Editor, Times-Union:

Dear Friends of the Akron Carnegie Public Library,

I wanted to give a quick update on our summer reading program which ran June 1st through July 22nd.

Our 2022 Summer Reading Program Oceans of Possibilities did not disappoint for children and teens! We learned about ocean animals and habitats in both warm and cold water throughout eight weeks of activities at Akron Carnegie Public Library. Our Silly Safaris program had 200 in attendance as we began our programing in early June.  Weekly crafts of making portholes, puffer fish, narwhals, walruses, penguins and sailboat mosaics proved to be great learning experiences with lots of textures being made with paint, sand, foam board and paper to create unique art pieces.  

A favorite among our young patrons has been our StoryWalk which is now in its third year during the SRP.  Children stopped into the library to make a crab headband and received a crab claw before went to the park to read “The Brave Little Crab” while strolling along the pathway with a variety of exercises to complete as they read the story.  

We ventured outside our box with our first ever foam party and it was a huge success! Who would have thought that foam would bring so many smiles and giggles? It was definitely a highlight of our programming this summer!

Our teens made ocean string art, had a water game day and made clay fish. It was thoroughly satisfying to not only see great attendance for each of these programs, but to see that our young people and teens were actively reading to earn points and prizes all summer long! We were able to celebrate a successful program with our beach picnic and games on July 25th with hotdogs, chips and treats with over 100 in attendance.  

Creating a love for reading and the public library is something our staff strives for. We are proud to have offered our best to our patrons. We can’t take all the credit and would like to give a big thank you to Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen and The Igloo, who, through their continued generosity provide great reading incentives for our programming needs. A huge thank you goes out to our parents who brought their children to all the programming. We had a full calendar and knowing that we could help make summer memories with your kids is rewarding for us and inspires us to keep pressing forward!

One last thanks goes out to our staff here at our small library at Akron Carnegie Public Library. My co-workers have the best attitude and are up for most anything. I’m truly grateful for the support I receive from Janet, Nicole, Vickie, Carol, Kim and Aggie!  

Julie Canada

Program Director/SRP Coordinator

Akron Carnegie Public Library