Editor, Times-Union:

Before our nation goes any further in regards to the current conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the following criteria below from a proposed constitutional amendment of mine regarding declarations of war should be considered by members of Congress and readers of the Times-Union as how to guide further actions in case of further escalation beyond the borders of Ukraine.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Congress shall have the sole authority through the means of a declaration of war approved by a three-fifths majority of its membership to authorize the armed forces of the United States to wage war or major acts of war by land, sea or air or other avenues against any alliance(s), empire(s), nation(s) or armed faction(s) who have attacked the United States and its territories, or who pose a credible catastrophic threat to the continued independence of the United States as a sovereign nation and its American way of life, or who have infringed upon the lives, liberties and property of American citizens or those who have attacked an ally of the United States who we have a mutual defense treaty with or those powers who have embarked on world conquest or the conquest of continents.

The end of hostilities shall occur under the following conditions:

• victory on the battlefield

• negotiated peace settlement

• an executive order issued by the president ordering the Armed Forces of the United States to end hostilities and begin an orderly withdraw from the combat zone

• a Congressional recall order passed by a two-thirds majority of the membership of Congress ordering the Armed Forces of the United States to cease hostilities and to withdraw from the combat zone in an orderly fashion.

• a recall order by a two-third majority of the state legislatures ordering an end to hostilities.

Readers should urge their U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators, along with the White House, to take this into account in crafting any declaration of war or further action that may or may not become necessary some time in the near or not to distant future in regards to this current conflict. This amendment should also be incorporated into the Constitution as guiding policy for our government to follow in future conflicts with out nation or armed factions.

Alexander Houze