Editor, Times-Union:

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats like to say nobody is above the law. That's not true. Millions of people act as if they are above the law and often get away with it. If Hillary and Nancy Pelosi didn't believe they were above the law and the Justice Department actually sought justice, both might be sharing a prison cell in some federal prison.  

Hillary illegally destroyed emails she wasn't supposed to have and the information on at least one of them revealed the names of agents working for us in China that were subsequently executed by the Chinese government. Nancy would be in prison for insider trading just like other white-collar criminals that practiced insider trading.  

Millions of people since Biden became president illegally invaded this country and think they won't be deported because Joe invited them to come. Many live better than native Americans which the government seems to have forgotten.  

The IRS wants to deploy around 87,000 new agents to go after tax cheaters. According to the 16th Amendment, Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes from whatever sources they are derived. Since that is the case, drug dealers and prostitutes should be taxed on what they earn. If a drug dealer receives over a billion dollars a year running drugs, they should be taxed on it. If a prostitute makes $10 million a year in the sex trade, she should also be taxed on it. The amendment doesn't say only legal sources of income are supposed to be taxed. The government has deprived itself of billions of dollars of revenue because it didn't think it had the right to take money from criminals.  

Abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution as a right.  The Fifth Amendment says that people can't be deprived of life without due process of law. A person in the womb can't be deprived of life (aborted) without a court saying the life can be exterminated. It is ironic that people who claim they oppose capital punishment for criminals often support capital punishment for innocent lives in the womb.  

George Soros has funded district attorneys that have allowed criminals to murder others and do other criminal acts. Antifa and BLM have disobeyed the law and gotten away with it. Many of their members should be sitting behind bars instead of many of the January 6 Capitol rioters that were upset that Democrats illegally changed election laws in various states that kept Trump from being re-elected.  

If you have disobeyed the speed limit, you have lived above the law. I must confess, I have often lived above the law. But every time a cop has pulled me over for speeding, I've acknowledged that I broke the law. I might be a Badman, but I'm not above the law.  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email