Editor, Times-Union:

It took several years, but I believe I now know the reason why politicians and others at all levels of government (whether elected or appointed) pushed, prodded and literally seduced America’s youth, and like-minded adults, into seeking to have abortion upheld as a female’s “right of choice.”

Look at America today!

Joe Biden, a useless piece of humanity, has busied himself signing “executive orders,” seeking to grab the money of our nation’s working-class retirees, as well as those on “disability” because he sees the American people’s wealth and savings as “his money;” and the money of his fellow greedy, gutless, spineless coward government officials!

We are nothing but dirt to these wicked scums and even though some of these filthy losers attend services in some pathetic excuse of a “church,” they totally dismiss the God of creation, as well as the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no fear of God, nor of His impending judgements and eternal damnation for their lives of evil of stealing, mass murder of babies in the womb (aka “abortion). No fear or concern, whatsoever!

We, the citizens of America, have all allowed ourselves to become so complacent by the sins and evil actions of so many people around us, as well as those in positions of authority; we have become as much a nation of prisoners of an evil regime as Russia or China!

With all of these millions of abortions here in the USA, we have a larger population of “senior citizens”/old people, and a smaller percentage of young people.

In the past, young people (for the most part) would stand up and defend their elders in times of peril or emergency.

Now, with a larger number of older people, where are the young people to come to the aid of their elders?

This filthy, godless, cold-blooded government now has the power, authority, as well as the ability to run roughshod over these same people who put them in their position of power and authority to begin with.

However, their filthy smirks and smiles will most certainly vanish on the daily of “judgment,” which is coming ... make no mistake!

Joe Biden, and all of his political ilk, will have those smirks wiped off their faces and tears ill fall over all of the children killed by abortions.

That is a guarantee!

William Gerald Smith