Editor, Times-Union:

When children get mad, they throw tantrums. It is as if the Democrats have been children for years. The woke crowd acts so childish that it's amazing that anyone would pay attention to these crazy people. The latest tantrum being thrown is in support of abortion, which I call the extermination of the unborn. Senator Schumer wants to make it a law to forbid states to prevent abortions. His law would be similar to one passed in Germany by the Nazis which put in motion the extermination of Jews and other undesirables. Jews were not considered humans and to those that support abortion, fetuses seem to be non-human.  I find it ironic that so many people that support abortion admire the musical "Hamilton." If they had been around before the middle of the 18th century, they would have told his mother to abort him because his birth would have been an inconvenience to her. 

Another tantrum that was thrown was thrown by President Biden when he said the MAGA movement was the most dangerous movement in recent history. I guess Biden isn't allowed to watch Fox News or Newsmax because the rioting in 2020 and the recent rioting by those that want women to have the right to exterminate the unborn wasn't carried out by Trump supporters. Also, the body count by MS-13 gang members in America is significant compared to the body count of MAGA people, if it exists. 

The Democrats think they are trying to save America from the tyranny of Republican control of Congress. That's why Democrats want to do their damage now before Republicans have a chance to wield power to try and correct the problems they inflicted America with. Maybe if Republicans have the investigations that need to be carried out like against the Biden family corruption and many of Biden's cabinet members and other groups that threaten America, maybe the real adults will finally regain control of America. 

Elon Musk buying Twitter upset the children in the media so much that they are still throwing a tantrum against him. If he actually liberates speech and allows anyone to speak their mind even if they have no mind to speak of, Republicans should go after the latest assault on free speech, the disinformation bureau. Maybe Democrats haven't read George Orwell's "1984" because it isn't children's literature. Also, irony and sarcasm isn't understood by children that want to get their way. And instead of trying to reason with them, maybe they need a good spanking.

Rick Badman