Editor, Times-Union:

“A shot in the arm, a shot in the head, either way you end up dead.” This is the result of a COVID-19 vaccine. I know it is not politically correct to say this, but it is time for the truth to be shared to all people. People have taken this vaccine voluntarily in order to not get the disease called Sars Corona Virus.

There are consequences for every drug that was ever made. We know that many doctors are pushing this vaccine on their clientele. Be we know that the drug companies are not liable for any drug that they put out for people’s use. The vaccine drug was not designed to be effective against transmission or infection. This raises all kinds of “red flags;” after all, it was an “experimental drug.” They are not telling us about natural immunity which is always better than a vaccine.?The same drug is being give to children, adults and pregnant women. Does this sound right? It has never been done before.

Our nation is in decline; this drug takes our rights and requires masking and social distancing which are designed to cause fear and terrorize the public into tyranny. This is exactly what happened with the truck drivers’ convoy in Canada. There is no emergency law in Canada and should not have been declared.

All our rights are being removed slowly and surely; many people do not even notice it. Democratic and Republican parties are letting this happen without a word.

The four horsemen of Rev. 6 are being released: the white for war, the pale for disease, the black for death and the red to take peace from the earth, causing the fall of many nations.

Jon Siesennop