Editor, Times-Union:

We hear a lot of negative things about lifetime politicians at the national and state levels, but what about our local government? Local government affects our lives as well. I believe at the local level there are a couple of elections that can help our county for years to come and one of those elections is for Kosciusko County Commissioner, Southern District.

I have never been one to be involved in politics, but this current election is different. Why would we want to continue electing the same individuals for every single election just because of the name recognition?

Kosciusko County has three commissioners, one from the Northern District, Central District and Southern District. No matter what district the candidate resides in, all commissioners are elected by the majority vote of the entire county. This is why on May 3rd, we as the citizens of Kosciusko County, should all vote for Donald Wiesehan for County Commissioner, Southern District.

All citizens want an elected official to have the public’s best interest in mind and not someone who just goes with the flow and votes with the majority. When it’s time, we want to elect someone who will stand up for the betterment of our community.

Don supports term limits and believes it is healthy for the community to see changes in representation at elected positions to allow for fresh insights and perspectives. Having term limits could prevent officials from becoming regressive and having mundane routines of their responsibilities.

Don is one of the truest leaders I know, and I cannot think of a better person to serve our community. He leads by example and possesses such integrity and honesty; I find it difficult to describe. Don will bring clear eyes and will have our community at heart when making decisions.

He believes in bringing better transparency to the commissioner position by having more community involvement in the monthly meetings as well as more of a presence within the departments currently overseen by the county.

He is a lifetime resident of Kosciusko County and has served within our community in many different aspects. He served in the military, as a volunteer fireman, as a police officer, as a football and track coach at Tippecanoe Valley High School, as past president of the fair board, as a member of the Masonic Lodge and in the Mizpah Shrine Club. His public service doesn’t stop there as he is currently serving as a police officer for the Parkview Health Police Department.

With a servant’s heart and proven experience like his, I believe Don will be a valued asset to all of Kosciusko County. With the utmost confidence, Don Wiesehan is the right choice!

James Zimmerman

Burket, via email