Editor, Times-Union:

I am the county attorney for Kosciusko County. However, I write this endorsement of Todd Davis based upon my personal experience and in my personal capacity.

We need a genuine conservative councilman for Kosciusko County Council District 1. Todd Davis is that. He is both a genuine social and fiscal conservative.

Todd wholeheartedly supported Kosciusko’s Constitutional Sanctuary County, 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County and Healthcare Freedom & Privacy Against Mandatory COVID-19 Immunization Requirements policies. His opponent for Kosciusko County Council District 1 did not support these policies. Todd also staunchly opposes Critical Race Theory and the racist divisions that CRT causes. And, most importantly, Todd is 100% pro-life. Like President Trump, Governor DeSantis and our Kosciusko County Commissioners, Todd will stand steadfast for the U.S. Constitution. In these times of government authoritarianism and overreach, we desperately need that type of conservative at every level of government.

Todd also has terrific experience as a fiscal conservative and would be a perfect fit on the county council. As past president and general manager at Zimmer Biomet, Todd was responsible for nearly 500 team members with an annual operating budget of over $300M. As president of a publicly traded company, he had to come in under or at budget. Todd knows budgets. He knows how to wisely conserve, prioritize and protect our tax dollars.

Please join me in voting for and wholeheartedly supporting Todd Davis for Kosciusko County Council District 1.  

Edward J. Ormsby

Warsaw, via email