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  • By Jay Boggs, Winona Lake

    Last December, I wrote a letter to the Times-Union about my efforts to preserve the historic 1842 Beatty-Boggs farmhouse, located at 1802 E. Armstrong Road in Plain Township.

  • Does the fair board really need racing to stay afloat?
  • Editor, Times-Union:

    This last week it was popular for Democrats to blame President Trump and Attorney General Barr for a constitutional crisis. But they are the ones to blame for that and more evils.
  • Editor, Times-Union:

    I have come to loath election season because it seems like there is no escaping all of its signs, like elected officials racing to get things done and passed through their committees. Then there is the rhetoric that we all have to put up with from candidates claiming they are going to save us and the planet in their next term.
  • Editor, Times-Union:

    I sometimes think the biggest babies in the world work in the Capitol building. Democrats are a bunch of crybabies that pitch hissy fits if they don't get their way.
  • Editor, Times-Union:

    Due to recent power outage, the City of Warsaw Wastewater Treatment Facility at 794 W. Center Street has experienced a combined sewer overflow, sending untreated wastewater into the Walnut Creek. The overflow point is marked with a warning sign.

  • Editor, Times-Union:

    Former Starbucks CEO and possible independent presidential candidate Howard Schultz and the backlash against that possible candidacy with a boycott of Starbucks highlights a common criticism of third-party or independent candidates.
  • Editor, Times-Union:

    I wanted to reach out to your readers to advocate for my friend and colleague, Mayor Joe Thallemer.

  • Editor, Times-Union:

    When President Trump said he would send illegal aliens to sanctuary cities, you would have thought the mayors of those cities would be promoting their cities as future homes for those who came to America illegally.
  • Editor, Times-Union:

    We are fortunate to have three good candidates for Warsaw City Council at large. I know and respect all three candidates. All three would make great members of our city council.

  • I have been seeing some disturbing post on the Warsaw Community Facebook page depicting Joe Thallemer as being crooked and a racist.
  • In a March 7 letter to the editor, I presented a proposed updating of the declaration of war powers in the U.S. Constitution to further clarify and rein in those powers by providing a list of criteria for declaring a war, who has authority to issue such a declaration, the criteria for ending a war and an added ability for Congress and the states to end such conflicts and recall the armed forces from such a conflict.
  • If you hang around skunks thinking that they are cats, don't be surprised if you start to stink.
  • I can’t believe that these airhead flakes like Ilhan Omar and Ocasio-Cortez would be taken seriously. They are treasonous and should be ousted.
  • Multimillionaires have owned Stonehenge Golf Course. All have lost millions of dollars. Now the millionaire homeowners that live on Stonehenge are pulling their scam.
  • When a fool has his mind set on believing a lie, no preponderance of truthful evidence will convince him he is wrong.
  • Indiana passed the state’s first statewide smoke-free air law in 2012.
  • Fall River? Where’s that?

    It’s in Bristol County, in Massachusetts. It also happens to be the city of my birth
  • I wonder if Indiana will follow suit with the other 30 states that are considering the ending of bi-annual changing times.
  • As I read more about the details of the local police chief’s actions,  I find his excuses hard to believe.
  • Without a doubt we are extremely grateful that the House Committee today voted “yes” to send Senate Bill #2 (Maxstrong Bill) to the full house for the final vote before becoming a bill.
  • The massacre in New Zealand by a white supremacist didn't surprise me. Blaming it on Trump also didn't surprise me.
  • Right to Life of North Central Indiana is bringing the movie “UnPlanned” to Northpointe Theater for one showing: 7 p.m. Monday, March 25.
  • Speeders on Parent Drive behind Walmart need to be addressed by our police officers if they care about the elderly.
  • Instead of fighting with the property owners around the fairgrounds, why not sell the fairgrounds and build a new fairgrounds!!
  • I am Anthony Washington and I’m currently incarcerated at Kosciusko County Jail.
  • The following is a proposed constitutional amendment for more clearly defining declarations of war, who has the authority to authorize such declarations of war, and the reasons for such declarations by United States, and who shall have the authority to terminate such declarations, bringing hostilities to an end.
  • This is in response to the closing of the “Old Owen’s” store.

    Owen’s sure are not thinking about the seniors of the community. I’m older.
  • Democrats have the nasty habit of complaining about problems they created and blame them on Republicans.
  • I was reading the editorial on Saturday (March 2, 2019). When I got close to the end I read a paragraph that got my dander up.
  • I have a question. I need someone to explain the differences. Please.
  • As funeral directors in our community for 35 years and 10 years respectively, the recent accident with a funeral procession is at least unfortunate and disconcerting.
  • In December we learned that a number of undocumented immigrants have been working at the president’s golf club in New Jersey.
  • One of the chief complaints about Warsaw Councilman Ron Shoemaker is that he too often votes “no” on initiatives being pushed by the Thallemer administration. 
  • The problem with liars that tell you lies you want to believe is that they're still liars.
  • I want to tell your readers about a situation involving a landscaper in this county that didn’t perform his work and would not return our $3,000 down payment.
  • America, get ready for all of the insane chaos. All of far left-wing liberals Dems. Dem candidates running for president supporting New Green Deal would put America into chaos.
  • My name is Michael Schwab. You may remember I am the grandfather of the three children killed in Rochester on Oct. 30 while waiting to board their school bus. I am also the father of the children’s mother, Brittany Ingle.
  • Your opinion written by Cal Thomas in the Feb. 19 edition of the Times-Union was quite a piece.
  • I must be naive, when our state government is looking into a hate law bill. I believe every unlawful act, big or small, is a hate crime.
  • As part of my series of letters on enacting term limit reform for all three branches of the federal government, I would like to focus on the Supreme Court and changing the lifetime tenure in office mandate. 
  • The other day, Sen. Cory Booker questioned a woman who was a candidate for a judgeship about an article she wrote a few years ago in which she questioned the Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriages.
  • A recent article announcing the mayoral candidacy of Ron Shoemaker referenced an "undercurrent of concern" about the present administration in the city of Warsaw.
  • I'd like to thank Mr. Wolkins for his obfuscating response to my "incorrect information."
  • I thought that Trump's State of the Union speech was one of the best I have heard since Reagan.
  • In response to Jackie Long’s letter to the editor on Feb. 6 about the holes in the container at the apartments in Shady Crest addition: The container did not belong to Stafford’s Solid Waste, we just dump it.
  • If you do not go around with your head in the sand, by now you’ve got to know no matter what President Trump does, it’s not enough for left-wing liberal Dems.
  • America has changed. Every event turns into a contest where we crown the winner and kick the loser on the backside.
  • I live in a neighborhood in town, Shady Crest. There are apartments that are owned by a slumlord who I don’t know.
  • I do not know how many times I have told my kids, “Just because everyone else does it, does not mean you have to!” Sound familiar? This is a common Hoosier parenting principle.
  • Sorry for Ms. Collins’ feelings that she “lives in the worst county in the worst state in the country.” Two of her reasons for the dislike are based on incorrect information.
  • If a person said, "Vote for me, and I will build you a big, beautiful house that someone else will pay for. It won't cost you anything," I think that would be called bribery, which as far as I know is illegal.
  • Secondhand smoke exposure affects customers, patrons and employees. Indiana passed the state’s first statewide smoke-free air law in 2012.
  • Run with yellow lights on. Turn red lights on before stopping. Stop signs out before stopping.
  • A quick note of gratitude for outgoing Sheriff Rocky Goshert:  During his campaign for the Republican nomination this spring, Sheriff Goshert ran on, among other things, the implementation of a Jail Chemical Addiction Program in the Kosciusko County Jail, so that inmates could receive drug treatment while awaiting the disposition of their cases.
  • As the Indiana General Assembly prepares to convene in January, legislation is being proposed that seeks to criminalize the thoughts of Hoosiers.
  • Gary Gerard, I have to write this to you and the readers of the Times-Union.

    I usually enjoy reading your articles that you write regularly.
  • Some 20 years ago on a Christmas morning I drove to a local convenience store to pick up a couple of items we were going to need prior to the family holiday celebration.
  • To whom it may concern: My name is Ruth Guffey. On Thursday, Dec. 13, I was at your store in Warsaw to purchase money orders used to pay my bills. Upon exiting your store to place my paid bills in a mailbox outside, I realized that my wallet was missing. Immediately I re-entered the store to retrace my steps in and out of the store, only to come up empty-handed.
  • This is Michael Schwab I am Brittany Stahl’s father and the grandfather of the three beautiful children killed at the school bus stop in Rochester on Oct. 30.
  • ’Tis the season for Jesus Christ to become a political pawn. One church had the baby Jesus behind bars to illustrate the problem of illegal immigrant children behind bars as Obama did, which somehow Democrats don't want to own up to.
  • A historic farmhouse and barn in Plain Township is in danger of being destroyed if action isn't taken to preserve them for the future.
  • On the front page of the Times-Union on Dec. 7, 2018, there was a picture of the Honor Guard of the American Legion without the names of the volunteers.
  • Did you read in the paper Tuesday night the progress of the Tippy/Chapman sewer project? Here is a summary of it:
  • A town with no backbone. The Doug Ogle-David Wayne combo has had five players – four starters – leave Warsaw just in the last 23 months.
  • I read this article on health insurance and have often wondered how we got from no insurance as a kid and young adult, married, to the entitlement mentality of today.
  • We've seen rioting in the streets of Paris because higher gas taxes are being imposed to pay for the war against climate change.
  • On Tuesday, Nov. 6, about 51 percent or 26,688 registered voters in Kosciusko County went to the polls. Most of them made use of an option on the ballot that should be expanded out to all elective offices that are not up for re-election, as I mentioned in my Oct. 25  letter to the editor.
  • My wife and I were injured in a wreck on Nov. 18 on Warsaw's north side.

    I do not know why someone would hit us and drive off.
  • Finally, someone has decided to look into Maxine Waters’ self-enrichment schemes, as seen on Fox TV. Not only that, but for inciting violence against Trump supporters.
  • Unlike former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Indiana AG Curtis “Elvis” Hill does not have the integrity to resign in the face of damning evidence.
  • More people died in the Camp Fire than what died in the San Francisco fire after the 1906 earthquake. But who's to blame for the deaths this year?
  • I read on the internet the other day that sunspot activity is decreasing, which means we are in for colder-than-normal weather for awhile.
  • Offering Scholarship For An LCA Student Can Eliminate Your State Tax
    There are very few real “win-win” opportunities in the world today.  However, I would like to tell you about a real one right here in our community.
  • One of the best services that I've been to and I haven't missed many. Since it was on a Sunday morning the attendance wasn't as many as usual , but pretty good considering.
  • One of the pastors in my church said that D.L. Moody claimed he had citizenship in heaven but voted in Cooke County.
  • The golf and bowling demise. Why you see fewer and fewer golf courses year after year is there are fewer golfers than there were 25 to 30 years ago.
  • I want to publicly congratulate Wayne Township trustee-elect Jeannie Stackhouse and her soon-to-be sworn in advisory board consisting of Gordon Nash, Josh Spangle and Bruce Woodward.
  • I’d like to send kudos to the voters of Kosciusko and Wayne Township for taking the time to come out and vote last Tuesday.
  • I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the voters of Kosciusko County who took time from their busy schedules to cast their ballots last Tuesday.
  • After listening to some of the questions being asked by our liberal news media regarding the caravan of people headed toward our southern border, I'm left scratching my head.
  • Today I was reading one of Robert E. Lee's letters written just after both the battle of Chancellorsville and the accidental shooting of Gen. Stonewall Jackson, in the dark and by his own men.
  • Hibernating bears look peaceful enough to pet. But if you are there when they wake, you might be their first meal. The voters awoke a sleeping bear called the Democrat Party and it's about to go on a rampage against those it considers its enemy.
  • Millions of veterans have served in America's wars, including World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
  • It is with great appreciation that I would like to thank the entire Tippecanoe Valley family for their support in electing me the next District 4, Henry Township, Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation board member.
  • Today I was reading one of Robert E. Lee's letters written just after both the battle of Chancellorsville and the accidental shooting of Gen. Stonewall Jackson, in the dark and by his own men.
  • Ann Coulter's column in the Nov. 2 Times-Union is headlined "The True History of Birthright Citizenship." In it, she points out (correctly) that the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, in the wake of the Civil War, was intended to provide citizenship status to people who had been forcibly "imported" from Africa by U.S. citizens, including the Founding Fathers.