God, country, football.

The Wawasee Warriors will march onto the field in military-themed uniforms on Friday at Wawasee High School.

Wawasee was one of eight schools selected to wear the uniforms this week by the Indiana Army National Guard. The Warriors will host Northridge, with kickoff at 7 p.m.

“I think it’s great to highlight what the military is doing for our country,” said Wawasee coach Mike Eshbach. “We’re just honored and privileged to be selected.”

The uniforms are forest green with black numbers lined in yellow, and the words “National Guard” emblazoned near the right shoulder.

The Warriors will run onto the field past Humvees stationed on either side of them. One of those Warriors, senior captain Keyan Peete, is thrilled with the chance to don the colors.

“To just be able to represent the National Guard in a game using our jerseys is very special to all of us,” he said.

Peete has family members who have served in the military, and said they will be at the game to cheer him on.

The uniforms are part of an initiative that the Indiana Army National Guard has each week during high school football season. Eight sets of uniforms, numbered 1-99, are given to eight different teams to wear on gameday.

Sergeant Michael Cole, a National Guard recruiter in Warsaw, approached Wawasee about wearing the jerseys.

“I think athletics are a good way to keep kids busy, keep them out of trouble,” said Cole, who played football at the high school and collegiate levels. “And, they get good leadership skills from that.”