Warsaw’s cross-country boys and girls move on to semi-state competition following strong performances on a treacherous Logansport course on Saturday.

Tanner Stiver was the top Tiger in the boys race, placing 2nd in 16:40, two seconds ahead of senior teammate Jacob Kissling, who won the sectional championship last weekend.

In the girls’ race, Wini Barnett again led the way for the Tigers, taking 10th place in 20:14. Fellow juniors Ava Knight and Regan Brouwer were not far behind in 20:30 and 20:32 respectively

“We raced strong with some nice place running again today. That was kind of our MO, they put in their top three and then we put in our six and they put in the rest of theirs and that was the difference,” said girls head coach Jason Fleming.

“If we can continue to keep group running tightly together we’ll stay competitive,” Fleming added in regard to next week’s semi-state meet. “We look to run a little stronger next weekend, placewise, and move up the line a little bit. If we can do that out chances of moving on to state are that much better. We have to be among the top six teams to move on to state. Hopefully we’ll be able to string together a strong run and make that cut.”

For the boys, it was their 10th straight regional championship. The Tigers scored 38 points to outpace 2nd place Western with 49 and Culver Academy, 3rd place with 92.

Manchester’s Carter Bedke and Josie Briner, Tipp Valley’s Matthew Howes, and Triton freshman Jocelynn Faulkner also qualifed for semi-states.

Semi-state competition for both boys and girls teams will be held at New Prairie High School in New Carlisle next Saturday morning.


2    Tanner Stiver        SR        16:40

4    Jacob Kissling        SR        16:42

7    Sam Lechlitner        SR         17:02

10    Harrison Phipps        JR        17:04

15    Garrett Hall        SO        17:15

19    Luke Nier            JR        17:32

22    Samuel Slough        JR         17:43


10    Wini Barnett        JR        20:14

13    Ava Knight            JR        20:30

14    Regan Brouwer        JR        20:32

19     Elizabeth Vander Bie        FR        20:52

20    Erika Bugg        SO        20:52

24    Marissa Howett        FR        21:00

52     Amanda Lusinde         FR        22:55