Among the first things I was taught when I broke into Kosciusko County news coverage was “if you need to know anything about Mentone, call Rita Price.”

And rightfully so. If there’s a walking encyclopedia of history and current local knowledge of things town and county-wide, it’s Mrs. Simpson (she and Jack Simpson have been married as long or longer than most people reading this have been consuming oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. I’ve always been treated as a friend by her, and consider her so, even though I’m not sure that’s Facebook official.

Tippecanoe Valley school board officials made the right call in naming the court for the longtime WRSW broadcaster and sales person. Many consider her a pioneering force in broadcasting, as she was one of the first feminine voices across the airwaves in a hosting capacity. Honestly, I can’t recall any female sports voices on the radio as I was growing up. Other than ESPN’s Beth Mowins, I’d be hard pressed to name another woman who handles play-by-play duties today.

Two well-known Lady Viking hoops players of the recent past, Meredith Brouyette and 4-time Times-Union player of the year Anne Secrest, got the ball rolling, approaching the school board via letter about honoring Price-Simpson this way.  

As it sits right now, the court dedication is planned for a boys basketball game in November.

Here’s an idea: dedicate the court when Warsaw visits Valley for what has been among the first five games of the year since 2007-08 season.

I’ve covered a pair of games between the two girls hoops programs. Both had good crowds, and it would be the perfect chance to honor Price-Simpson in front an audience representing the communities she’s served her entire life.

Maybe the radio crews for Warsaw and Valley could join together for a single broadcast so she can be on both stations. I’ve always been a little curious to hear Tim Keaffaber and Roger Grossman share a broadcast, and on a one-time basis it might be kinda fun.

No disrespect to the boys basketball program at Valley is intended here. I simply happen to believe the Warsaw-Valley girls game would be a better time to give Rita a truly meaningful standing ovation from both sides of the floor.

She’s earned it.