If you read this column often, then you know that I have a hidden longing to be the “king of sports”.

As king, I would be able to change rules that either don’t make sense, need updated or in same way negatively impact the growth and development of that sport.

I would like to offer you a few more today as I continue my quest to sit on the throne of athletic competition.

DEFENSIVE HOLDING: I watched a few football games last weekend and defensive holding was called in almost every one of them, and a couple of them featured several violations. Defensive holding is different than pass interference in that, by the rules, holding occurs before the ball is thrown and interference happens when the ball is already on its way.

The penalty is only 5 yards but carries with it an automatic first down.

What I would do is change the actual punishment for defensive holding. I would like to make it a 10 yard penalty, but not an automatic first down. Offensive holding is 10 yards, so that would bring the two into alignment. So, if the offense gets a holding penalty and faces third and 20, they can’t get bailed out by a 5 yard holding penalty against the defense.

OFFENSIVE HOLDING: I am even more convinced now than ever that a major rule adjustment is needed—all offensive lineman must wear padded equipment that look like boxing gloves (except the center who would wear it on one hand and long snappers who would be exempt). The gloves would not allow an offensive lineman to grab and hold the jersey or pads of any defensive player, meaning they literally would not be able to commit holding.

The concern would be about wrapping arms and wrestling people to the ground that way, which could be extremely dangerous. Doing so would become a personal foul, a 15 yard penalty and on your third such foul an automatic ejection for four quarters—the one you are in and the next three.

KICKOFFS AND PUNTS: I have said this before, but the kickoffs in college and pro football are goofy and getting goofier all the time. Almost no run-backs, and the ones we get never get past the 30 yard line.

At the coin toss, the team that gets the ball starts at the 20 yard line. It’s automatic. Then after a scoring play, the team that scored has an option: they can give the other team the ball at a designated place, or they can try an onside kick.

If a touchdown is scored, the other team would get the ball at the 20. If it’s a field goal, the ball starts at the 35.

I would change punts, too.

The punting team kicks the ball, and then one of three things happens: the receiver catches the ball and it’s immediately down where he catches it; no one catches it and it is marked dead where it either goes out of bounds or where it stops; or it goes into the end zone for a touchback and it comes out to the 20 yard line.

No fair catches. No penalties on returns. A lot less injuries on special teams.

EXCESSIVE FOUL BALLS: Watch enough baseball and you will see a batter stand up there for 10 minutes or more fouling off pitch after pitch trying not to strike out.

In the meantime, the pitcher is running up a pitch count simply because the batter can’t put his pitches in play. That’s not fair to the pitcher and it drags the game out.

If four downs is enough to get a first down in football, then four foul balls should be enough for a batter.

So, I would make a rule that when a batter gets to two strikes, he’s allowed to foul off three pitches without penalty. But on the fourth, it would be as if he swung and missed and he would be called out.

All the rules are tilted to the offense anyway, so this is a bone I’d throw to the pitchers.

UNLIMITED SUCCESSFUL CHALLENGES: If my team is playing in a game (regardless of the sport), and a call is missed, they can challenge that. If they do and they win the challenge, they used their challenge to right a wrong!

But what happens if the officiating crew is having a bad night and my team is on the wrong end of several calls. Shouldn’t they be able to challenge any or all of them and, as long as they get them right, keep their ability to challenge calls? So if I can challenge five calls and get all five right, whose fault is that? Not mine!

Challenges exist to get calls right, so in my “kingdom” you can challenge as many calls as you want when you are right, but after you lose two…you are done for the game.

So let it be written…so let it be done.