Matt Binkard
Matt Binkard
Midwestern communities are well known for the passion they have and the support they show for high school athletics.

The values of teamwork and competition are firmly-grasped concepts, especially in towns like Warsaw. People remember the lessons they were taught and the relationships they forged during their high school years and are eager to continue backing the youth as they continue their own student journeys.

Despite not being from the Midwest, Oregon native Matt Binkerd shares the values inherent in most Indiana residents.

Warsaw Community High School’s new athletic director, Binkerd says that he wants Warsaw games to be more than just games – he wants them to be events.

“In what little time I’ve been able to spend in Warsaw, I’ve already been able to see how incredible the community support is here,” said Binkerd. “The students, the parents, and the residents of Warsaw in general are really passionate about high school athletics, and that’s an environment I’m excited to work in.”

During his time in Oregon, Binkerd espoused similar goals as he led several high school athletic programs to tremendous success.

A former history teacher, Binkerd began by teaching, coaching and directing at Springfield High School in Oregon before taking over as athletic director of Sheldon High School.

Under Binkerd’s leadership, Sheldon became one of the top athletic programs in the state, with a football team ranked within the top 100 nationally for several years running. They also won state championships in multiple sports, including the first softball championship in school history during the 2018-19 season.

Due to coaching and directorial involvement with New Hope Christian College and Northwest Christian College, Binkerd became acquainted with Grace College’s athletic director Chad Briscoe and women’s soccer coach Michael Voss. Through similar connections and an increasing love of Midwestern culture, Binkerd eventually decided to make a career change and take his current position at Warsaw.

“My wife and I really fell in love with the area and started urging our kids to expand their college searches towards the area,” said Binkerd. His daughter Taylor is currently a junior soccer player at Grace, while his son Cade will be a freshman soccer player on Indiana Wesleyan’s soccer team. His youngest son, Aiden, will be attending WHS.

“Getting a job so close to my kids was really big in helping me decide to come to the area,” Binkerd said. “We’ve been really fortunate and blessed with the way everything has opened up to lead us here.”

One of Binkerd’s early goals for his new position include forging relationships with Warsaw coaches, students, families and community members.

“A question I asked myself when I took this position was, ‘How do I turn games’ – which are special themselves – ‘into major events?’” Binkerd said. “I want to integrate everyone who comes out to these events. I want to have auctions and get parents involved. I want to have Hall of Fame events that incorporate alumni. I want to make sure everyone who makes this school so successful is recognized.”

Miller stated that he wanted the Warsaw community to know how excited he is to help take the athletic programs to the next level and work to find ways that motivate students to reach their potential.