To say that I’m happy to be here is an understatement.

Before I get into all that, allow me to introduce myself. I’m the new sports writer at the Times-Union.

I’m an Ohio-born, Pennsylvania-raised transplant who has worked in Indiana once before. I was a sports reporter at The News-Dispatch in Michigan City from 2013-2015.

Since then, I’ve tried my hand at a few different career paths, but nothing has stoked a fire in my belly like sports writing.  

Simply put, I love sports. I’ve been a fanatic ever since I first tagged along with my dad to high school games in Erie, Pa., 21 years ago.

I’ve seen quite a lot in that time, both in Pennsylvania and Indiana. I’ve watched and covered a plethora of Division I athletes and even a few pros. I played high school football, JV volleyball and church-league basketball.

If I were to compare my hooping abilities to a fictional character, I moved way more like Tony Soprano than Jimmy Chitwood on the court.

Regardless, I know and love the game, so I was absolutely thrilled to hear that Warsaw is basically the basketball version of Friday Night Lights.

You might be wondering how I’m going to approach the job. I take it very seriously. I believe in the importance of covering local high school sports.

I also believe that people drive stories. Facts and figures are essential, but what really gets my blood flowing is finding the person at the heart of each story.

With that in mind, feel free to pitch story ideas to me by phone, email or if you see me out and about. I can’t promise I will honor every request, but I will at least consider it.

What I will promise is to provide fair and thorough coverage. You may not always like what I write, but it will always be honest.

I’m just settling in, so early on I will be looking to sports editor Dale Hubler for a bead on the town. Dale has already demonstrated his encyclopedic knowledge of the town, so I’m excited to soak up Warsaw’s history from his sports-happy brain.

Hoosier hysteria is nothing new to me, though. As I said, I’ve done this dance once before, so I’m not a foreigner to the state. In fact, I’m proud to call Indiana my new home.

This time, I’m here to stay. Now let’s get after it.