We are approaching one of the slowest handful of weeks in sports. The NBA Finals and the men’s College World Series are behind us. The downshift will continue this Monday, Independence Day, with a hot dog eating contest, then we’ll fight sleep watching green balls volley their way to the Wimbledon finals the same day the IHSAA moratorium week ends (July 10).

This is probably the time where I shall, once again, binge watch shows I’ve missed during the scholastic sports year. I mentioned I’d sprinkle some of my favorite sports movies in the mix too.

I’ll catch about 3-4 innings of random Major League Baseball action before it, too, slows significantly as the MLB All-Star game approaches (July 19), preceded by the home run derby (July 18).

These events are followed by the ESPYs, ESPN’s sports award show with its own red-carpet pre-show on a night (July 20) where there will be absolutely nothing happening sports-wise that evening on U.S. television.

I’m glad I have no travel plans involving air travel. The overbooked, underperforming airline industry is a bigger roll of the dice than it was at Christmastime.

It will all be better in about five to six weeks. Scholastic sports regular seasons will begin in mid-August, and – as I mentioned about one month ago, I should probably just embrace the lack of sports-related activities in my life and continue to focus on getting things done, taking some long weekends (auto travel only, mind you).

The way my calendar works, this is probably a better time than New Year’s Day to make resolutions.

Much like New Year’s Day, Independence Day affords me a long weekend where I can be a little self-indulgent followed by a sparse sports calendar where I can get rid of old, bad habits and adopt new, better habits.

It’s time for my mid-year resolutions. By the time you see me make my way to a press box, catch me at the supermarket, or see me dining out you can ask me – if you care about it – how my resolutions are going.

More exercise.

I own a top-notch kayak. There is no reason I can’t use it on one weekend day, and one weeknight while there are generous amounts of sunlight. My wife has five weeks off from teaching, so I’ll join her on more walks.

Get organized.

I already organized my smaller “side garage” so I can move between two points without rearranging obstacles. The only time the work bench has had nothing on it like it does today is when I moved into the place nine years ago.

I began changing my office, at home and at work, getting rid of furniture and fixtures I didn’t use, and I have adjustable desks in both locations, now. I’m going to look at my workflow, too.

Pack a lunch.

I have an embarrassment of riches among the best leftover options at home each week. I often get home too late to eat them before someone else gets to them, but I could enjoy more of my fair share of these awesome leftovers if I simply bend down, pull some plastic containers onto the counter, and grab slices of my desired portions for the following morning.

Two years ago, I lost huge amounts of weight and had considerably less heartburn when dining out was rare during the height of the pandemic.


This would be handy because I could take a few minutes to jot down a few lines while a clever thought or idea comes to mind or take even more time to just write without structure until my brain stops thinking.

A friend of mind has a Daily Lines page on Facebook, and one of her products for writing is a daily journal with numerous thought-inspiring prompts.

Frankly, there are weeks I’ve wondered what I’ll share with you, but I am guilty of not exercising my writer’s brain enough in such drills to have better ideas visibly waiting for me in those journal entries whether they’re fresh or collecting dust.

No more Skittles.

If you see me even reaching for a bag to “taste the rainbow” scold me. The last thing I need is artificially flavored and colored pure sugar. I recently had a look at the inside of a Skittle and realized although my snacks are consumed in moderation, I’m trading Skittles for one of my feet eventually.

Use extreme prejudice if you so much as see me look at Skittles. I haven’t “tasted the rainbow” since I was in a press box in early June. Let’s keep the streak alive.

Have a safe, happy July Fourth weekend… and Happy Mid-Year!