GOSHEN – The Northern Lakes Conference announced Tuesday its all-conference selections for spring sports season.
Boys Golf
Warsaw’s Tim Rata and Wawasee’s Jeffrey Moore were tabbed All-NLC. The Tigers’ Sam Yeager and the Warriors’ Cal Heinisch were honorable mention.
Others named all-conference were Michael Foy, the medalist in the NLC tournament from Elkhart Memorial; Luke Morrison and Jared Birr from Northridge; Plymouth’s Micah Calhoun and Hudson Yoder; and NorthWood’s Caleb Lung.
Brendin Green of Concord and Nick Sherk of NorthWood were honorable mentions. Northridge’s Dennis Sienicki was named coach of the year.

Conference champion Wawasee placed four players on the All-NLC team, and two more received honorable mention.
Allissa Flores, Amber Lemberg, Cristina DeLaFuente and Meghan Fretz represented the Lady Warriors on the all-conference team, with Hannah Haines and Maddie Wilson receiving honorable mention.
Warsaw’s Grace Johnson was all-conference, and Abigail Glass was honorable mention.
The rest of the members of the All-NLC team were: Jada Crofoot, Bailey O’Dell, Kylee Lantz and Sami Deisler of Northridge, Kaylee Warner, Kim Lucas and Shakira Perez of Elkhart Memorial; Kiley Auston, Audrey D’Arcy and MaKenzie Loge of Concord; Emily Castillo and Kate Atkinson of Goshen; Arika Flickinger and Taylor Troxel of NorthWood; and Zoe Keilman of Plymouth.
Honorable mention went to Kaitlyn Kennedy and Sam Troyer of Northridge; Alexa Swearengin of Memorial, Hannah Boswell of Concord; AnaMaria Ramirez of Goshen; Claire McGuire of NorthWood; and Bailey Hatfield of Plymouth.
Wawasee head coach Jared Knipper, who stepped down from the position Tuesday, was named coach of the year.

Four players from conference co-champion Warsaw, Sterling Hay, Marselo Rodriguez, Zach Witt and Jordan Jones, made the All-NLC team. Wawasee senior Chase Rookstool was also named to the team.
Warsaw’s Henry Howard and Braxton Tennant, and Wawasee’s Lucas Garza were honorable mention.
Others named to the All-NLC team were Plymouth seniors Braydon Davidson, Caleb Mikesell and Spencer Maecroft; NorthWood’s Tanner Cleveland, Vincent Hershberger, Drew Minnich and Chad Sellers; Northridge’s Andrew Kennedy, Camm Nickell, and Eric Burgess;  Goshen’s Michael Pinarski and James Paetkau; Memorial’s Lane Schultz and Justin Walter; and Concord’s Quinn Miller.
Plymouth seniors Cam Eveland and George Stults received honorable mention. Others so honored were Payton Bear of NorthWood, Matt Miller of Northridge, Connor Glick of Goshen, Brett Wilson of Memorial and Raleigh Ball of Concord. Ryan Wolfe of Plymouth was coach of the year.

Girls Track
Twelve members of the Warsaw girls track team were named All-NLC. They are Samantha Alexander, Mia Beckham, Remi Beckham, Maygan Bellamy, Emma Bohnenkamper, Anna Craig, Abbi Curtis, Hannah Dawson, Alexie Day, Allison Miller, Brooke Rhodes and Audrey Rich.
Wawasee’s Kaitlyn Kennedy was also named ot the all-conference team.
Warsaw’s Claire Kehler and Wawasee’s Hannah-Marie Lamle were named honorable mention.
Others named ot the all-conference team were Jasmine Hudson and Ally Smith of Concord; Jillian Kissinger of Goshen; Riley Hershberger and Erica Stutzman of NorthWood; Lexie Blankenship and Rylee Dahlman of Northridge; and Nicole Horvath of Plymouth.
Honorable mention went to Oniste Thomas of Concord; Nora Rangel of Goshen, Northridge’s Morgan Blyly; and Ally Dolan of Plymouth.
Warsaw head coach Scott Erba was named coach of the year.
Girls Tennis
Warsaw’s Collette Smith and Ella Knight at No. 2 and No 3 singles, respectively, were named All-NLC. Liza Lewis, the Lady Tigers’ No. 1 singles player, was named honorable mention.

Boys Track
Warsaw placed five athletes on the All-NLC boys track team; Ross Armey, Owen Glogovsky, Rane Kilburn, Will McGarvey and Brandon Reinholt. Tommy Hickerson and Landan Perry were honorable mention. The Tigers’ Matt Thacker was named coach of the year.
Others on the All-NLC team were Ronaldo Garcia, Jason Barahona-Rosales, Jordan Holley, Brenn McKee, Zachary Oyer, Juan Perez and Colton Potter of Goshen; Nathan Blyly, Kyle Mikey, Conner Sandt and Ben Zurcher of Northridge; Bailey Gessinger, Garrett Griffin, Derek Parker, Ryan Price and Brayton Yoder of NorthWood; and Nate Patterson and A.J. Styers of Plymouth.
Honorable mention went to Cedric Mitchell of Concord, Hudson Kay and Josuel Sanchez of Goshen,  and Caleb Newcomer and Jacob Stump of NorthWood.