County Jail Bookings

The following people were preliminarily charged and booked into the Kosciusko County Jail:

• 8:28 a.m. Friday - Johnathan P. Doll, 32, of 404 N. Maple Ave., Warsaw, arrested on a warrant in a civil matter. Bond: $500.

• 9:54 a.m. Friday - Tonya P. Gudakunst, 51, of 6935 E. South Barbee Drive, Pierceton, arrested for possession of marijuana/hash oil/hashish. Bond: $600.

• 2:36 p.m. Friday - Christopher Kesler Hodges, 20, of 5935 W. Osprey Drive, Mentone, arrested for possession of a controlled substance, burglary, failure to appear - felony, two counts of possession of cocaine or a narcotic drug, resisting law enforcement. No bond set.

• 4:13 p.m. Friday - Connor Martan Hall, 20, of 1219 Bibler Ave., Winona Lake, arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor. Bond: $5,250.

• 6:09 p.m. Friday - Ricky Wayne Richardson, 39, Hartford, Ky., arrested on four counts of failure to appear - misdemeanor. Bond: $1,301.44.

• 6:59 p.m. Friday - Brittany Nicole Kessler, 28, of 13276 N. CR 150E, Milford, arrested for driving while suspended with a prior suspension within the last five years. Bond: $450.

• 8:07 p.m. Friday - Dale Ray Harner, 27, of 505 N. Huntington St., Syracuse, arrested for probation violation - felony, intimidation and pointing a firearm. No bond set.

• 8:14 p.m. Friday - Troy William Reith, 54, of 1177 S. CR 400W, Warsaw, arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. No bond listed.

• 1:30 a.m. Saturday - Shaun Michael Daffron, 38, of 46 EMS D18 C Lane, Syracuse, arrested on a warrant. No bond listed.

• 10:47 a.m. Saturday - Trea Douglas Eldridge, 18, Peru, Ind., arrested for criminal mischief. Bond: $500.

• 2:30 p.m. Saturday - Jordan William Grimm, 25, of 504 Clinic Court, Warsaw, arrested for domestic battery. Bond: $1,000.

• 9:39 p.m. Saturday - Diego Rico, 18, of 3104 E. Wooster Road, #33, Pierceton, arrested for resisting law enforcement. Bond: $750.

• 9:59 p.m. Saturday - Sydney Ann Miller, 27, of 500 N. Lake St., Syracuse, arrested for aggravated battery and disorderly conduct. Bond: $5,250.

• 10:15 p.m. Saturday - Javier Herrea-Arana, 52, of 5640 W. CR 950S, Silver Lake, arrested for driving while a lifetime habitual traffic violator and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Bond: $5,250.

• 11:32 p.m. Saturday - Roberto Gonzalez Gonzalez Jr., 18, of 3762 W. Old 30, lot 46E, Warsaw, arrested for driving while suspended with a prior suspension within the last five years. Bond: $450.

• 1:03 a.m. Sunday - Earl Thomas Frantz, 29, of 308B S. Indiana St., Warsaw, arrested for intimidation. Bond: $600.

• 6:20 a.m. Sunday - Bradley Dale Guyton, 40, Altamonte Springs, Fla., arrested for refusal to submit to chemical testing. Bond: $15,000.

• 7:23 a.m. Sunday - Datwan D. Brown, 21, Fort Wayne, arrested for theft of a firearm. Bond: $5,250.

• 4:15 p.m. Sunday - David William Boggs, 22, of 4019 S. Magee Road, Warsaw, arrested for leaving the scene of a hit-skip accident. Bond: $500.

Personal Injury Accidents

• 7:56 a.m. Friday - Intersection of North Detroit Street and Anchorage Road, Warsaw. Two-SUV collision. Drivers: Shannon L. Galvin, 29, Orchard Drive, Winona Lake; Carolyn Kirchenstien, 49, South CR 950W, Mentone. Injury: Galvin complained of head pain. Damage: $10,000-$25,000. Warsaw Police Department investigated.

• 10:02 a.m. Sunday - Wexford Place, 3,500 feet north of Inverness Point, Warsaw. Mo-ped slid and rider hit the ground. Driver: Floyd D. Patterson, 48, Carrington Boulevard, Warsaw. Injury: Patterson had minor bleeding from his head and a possible broken clavicle. Damage: $750-$1,000. WPD.

Property Damage Accidents

• 5:40 p.m. Thursday - 2575 E. Center St., Warsaw. Van hit parked van registered to Mark A. Puckett, Lake City Highway, Warsaw; van left the scene but was later found. Driver: Cesar Acuna Lanza, 26, Peru, Ind. Damage: $1,000-$2,500. WPD.

• 12:34 a.m. Friday - East CR 200N, 32 feet east of North CR 525E, Warsaw. Car hit deer. Driver: Kevin J. Harris, 42, East South Barbee Drive, Pierceton. Damage: $5,000-$10,000. Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office investigated.

• 2:41 a.m. Friday - West CR 200S, 555 feet east of South CR 400W, Warsaw. Vehicle hit deer. Driver: Barry L. Skinner, 33, Fox Farm Road, Warsaw. Damage: $2,500-$5,000. KCSO.

• 3:51 a.m. Friday - East CR 600S, 500 feet west of South Ind. 13, Pierceton. Car went off the road and hit several small trees. Driver: Donnie Jackson, 59, South Woodland Lane, Warsaw. Damage: $1,000-$2,500. KCSO.

• 5:59 a.m. Friday - Intersection of East CR 1200N and North CR 450E, Warsaw. Car went off road and hit a fence post and landscaping rock belonging to Clifford L. Wogoman, East CR 1200N, Syracuse, and hit an underground telephone box belonging to CenturyLink, West Center Street, Warsaw. Driver: Tanner L. Blackburn, 24, North Hasse Court, Syracuse. Damage: $5,000-$10,000. KCSO.

• 7:53 a.m. Friday - Intersection of U.S. 30 and Parker Street, Warsaw. Two-pickup collision. Drivers: Matthew S. Morgan, 26, Chesterton; John P. Camden, 35, East Pierceton Road, Pierceton. Damage: $2,500-$5,000. Winona Lake Police Department investigated.

• 10:15 a.m. Friday - Intersection of North Ind. 15 and West CR 350N, Warsaw. Pickup hit SUV and SUV left the scene. Driver remaining: Danny L. Stanley, 68, South Edgewater Drive, Silver Lake. Damage: $2,500-$5,000. WPD.

• 2:11 p.m. Friday - Intersection of East CR 450N and North CR 250E, Warsaw. SUV left road and hit a Kosciusko REMC guy wire. Driver: Monique R. East, 27, North Syracuse-Webster Road, Syracuse. Damage: $2,500-$5,000. KCSO.

• 3:02 a.m. Saturday - West Old 30, 32 feet east of West CR 100N, Warsaw. Van went off the road and hit a Kosciusko County Highway Department guardrail. Driver: Kimberly J. Zellers, 41, West Old 30, Warsaw. Damage: $5,000-$10,000. KCSO.

• 12:32 p.m. Saturday - Intersection of East CR 900S and South CR 400E, Warsaw. SUV-car collision. Driver: Maxine J. Spangle, 56, South County Farm Road, Claypool; Caden R. Compton, 17, East CR 900S, Claypool. Damage: $5,000-$10,000. KCSO.

• 6:39 p.m. Saturday - North Ind. 13, 1,500 feet south of East CR 150N, Warsaw. Car hit deer. Driver: Frank W. Morris, 63, North Elwood Avenue, Syracuse. Damage: $2,500-$5,000. KCSO.

• 7:04 p.m. Saturday - South Ind. 13, 1,500 feet north of East CR 850S, Sydney. Car hit deer. Driver: Raymond R. Smith, 49, Edwardsburg, Mich. Damage: $2,500-$5,000. KCSO.

• 7:40 p.m. Saturday - North Ind. 13, 500 feet south of East CR 500N, North Webster. Car hit deer. Driver: Tessa H. Doll, 23, East First Street, North Webster. Damage: $1,000-$2,500. KCSO.


• 5:04 p.m. Thursday - Marijuana and paraphernalia were found during an EMS call in the 100 block of EMS W23C Lane, North Webster. North Webster Police Department investigated.

• 9:16 p.m. Thursday - Ammunition was reported found in the 1700 block of East Market Street, Warsaw. WPD.

• Midnight Thursday - A woman reported her medication stolen in the 300 block of West Main Street, Warsaw. Value: $15. WPD.

• 10:39 a.m. Friday - Criminal mischief to a gate and post was reported in the 2900 block of South CR 450W, Warsaw. Damage: $2,000. KCSO.

• 7:38 p.m. Friday - A lost debit card was reported in the 2100 block of East Fort Wayne Street, Warsaw. WPD.

• 9:15 p.m. Friday - A traffic stop occurred in the 300 block of South Washington Street, Warsaw. The driver was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. WPD.

• 4:39 a.m. Saturday - A vehicle was found abandoned in the road in the 1100 block of East Winona Avenue, Warsaw. Value: $1,000. WPD.

• 10:32 a.m. Saturday - A theft of a purse and its contents was reported at the Dollar Tree in the 500 block of West CR 300N, Warsaw. Loss: $670. WPD.

• 6:53 p.m. Saturday - An employee of Owen’s Supermarket in the 300 block of West Market Street, Warsaw, reported trespassing. WPD.

• 10:36 p.m. Saturday - A demented person was reported in the 900 block of Pine Mills Road, Warsaw. WPD.

• 7:13 p.m. Sunday - A man reported his mailbox in the 800 block of Country Club Drive South, Warsaw, was damaged and the vehicle that hit it left the scene. WPD.