County Jail


The following people were preliminarily charged and booked into the Kosciusko County Jail:

• 10:07 p.m. Tuesday - Jacob Michael Makinson, 38, of 1376 S. Wausau St., Warsaw, arrested for domestic battery - simple assault. Bond: $1,000.

• 11:29 p.m. Tuesday - Eric William Hough, 34, of 164 EMS B18 Lane, Syracuse, arrested for domestic battery with serious bodily injury and confinement. No bond set.

• 12:23 a.m. Wednesday - Richard Eugene Slayton Jr., 50, Goshen, arrested for false identity statement and on a foreign warrant. No bond set.

• 2:53 a.m. Wednesday - Stephanie Moreno, 25, Indianapolis, arrested for misdemeanor failure to appear and possession of marijuana/hash oil/hashish with a prior. No bond set.

• 11:10 a.m. Wednesday - Morgan Marie Lockhart, 29, of 4724 E. CR 1200N, Syracuse, arrested for felony failure to appear and felony probation violation. No bond set.

• 1:04 p.m. Wednesday - David Patrick Erklin, 55, of 5550 W. Partridge Drive, Mentone, arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Bond: $700.

Personal Injury


• 6:27 p.m. Monday - Intersection of West Old 30 and North CR 800W, Etna Green. Car-truck collision. Drivers: Pranesh R. Devaraj, 27, South Cherry Creek Lane, Warsaw; Derek C. Gross, 40, South Meadow Drive, Warsaw. Injury: Devaraj complained of head pain. Damage: $10,000-$25,000. Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office investigated.

• 4:21 a.m. Tuesday - North Ind. 15, 10 feet south of West CR 900N, Milford. Two-car collision. Drivers: Kylee R. Weatherby, 27, South Main Street, Etna Green; Ronald A. Shewman, 61, West CR 900S, Akron. Injury: Weatherby complained of chest pain. Damage: $10,000-$25,000. KCSO.

• 7:12 a.m. Wednesday - North CR 300E, 300 feet north of East CR 1100N, Warsaw. Van went into ditch. Driver: Joshua J. Michael, 40, Placidview Lane, Milford. Injury: Michael complained of head pain. Damage: $1,000-$2,500. KCSO.

• 11:18 a.m. Wednesday - 340 E. Huntington St., North Webster. SUV hit fence. Driver: Edward L. Detienne, 79, Anderson. Damage: $1,000-$2,500. North Webster Police Department investigated.

Property Damage


• 8:21 a.m. Tuesday - West CR 1350N, 10 feet north of North CR 700W, Warsaw. Pickup-SUV collision. Drivers: Brandy Carson, 44, Lake, Mich.; Catherine H. Lauck, 50, East Armstrong Road, Leesburg. Damage: $5,000-$10,000. KCSO.

• 6:56 p.m. Tuesday - Intersection of East CR 400N and EMS B3 Lane, Leesburg. Car went into ditch and came to a stop against small trees. Driver: Twila D. Zentz, 55, South Main Street, Milford. Damage: $1,000-$2,500. KCSO.  

• 7:36 p.m. Tuesday - North CR 200W, 1,000 feet north of West CR 500N, Warsaw. Car hit deer. Driver: Charles B. Defries, 53, West Country Drive, Leesburg. Damage: $1,000-$2,500. KCSO.

• 5:38 a.m. Wednesday - Intersection of South Higbee and Emeline streets, Milford. SUV-car collision. Drivers: Brittany R. Boggs, 29, Plymouth; Tonda M. Ormanovich, 50, East Camp Mack Road, Milford. Damage: $5,000-$10,000. Milford Police Department investigated.


• 5:02 a.m. Tuesday - A person was arrested for battery against a public safety official engaged in official business, public intoxication by drugs and disorderly conduct in the 4700 block of North Ind. 15, Warsaw. KCSO.

• 6:47 p.m. Tuesday - Suspicious activity was reported in the 600 block of Stag Drive, Warsaw. Warsaw Police Department investigated.

• 11:01 p.m. Tuesday - A person was arrested for making a false identity statement in the 11700 block of North CR 300E, Syracuse. Syracuse Police Department investigated.

• 12:37 a.m. Wednesday - A person was arrested for confinement and domestic battery with serious bodily injury in the 100 block of EMS B18 Lane, Syracuse. KCSO.

• 1:05 a.m. Wednesday - Criminal mischief was reported in the 200 block of West Jefferson Street, Warsaw. WPD.

• 8:22 a.m. Wednesday - A double axle trailer was reported stolen in the 4700 block of North Ind. 15, Warsaw. KCSO.