County Jail


The following people were preliminarily charged and booked into the Kosciusko County Jail:

• 12:04 a.m. Wednesday - Austin T. Hildman, 27, Columbia City, arrested for felony battery resulting in moderate bodily injury, battery resulting in serious bodily injury, battery by bodily waste, misdemeanor battery and resisting law enforcement. Bond: $10,250.

• 10:33 a.m. Wednesday - Andrew L. Floyd, 30, Rochester, arrested on a warrant. No bond listed.

• 4:52 p.m. Wednesday - Gary T. Castle Jr., 27, of 920 Anchorage Road, Warsaw, arrested on a warrant. No bond listed.

• 6:22 p.m. Wednesday - Michael A. Schuh Jr., 38, of 205 S. West St., Milford, arrested for theft of a motor vehicle. Bond: $5,250.

• 7:25 p.m. Wednesday - Victoria A. Edwards, 23, of 322 S. Columbia St., apt. A, Warsaw, arrested for possession of marijuana. Bond: $600.

• 7:31 p.m. Wednesday - James L. Koser, 26, of 501 Oldfather St., Warsaw, arrested for domestic battery in the presence of a child less than 16, misdemeanor failure to appear, invasion of privacy and on a foreign warrant. Bond: $10,750.

• 9:02 p.m. Wednesday - Brian P. Shepherd, 34, of 5873 S. East Channel Road, Warsaw, arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Bond: $5,250.

• 12:32 a.m. Thursday - Shayla K. Slone, 24, Ligonier, arrested for theft of a motor vehicle and possession of methamphetamine. Bond: $5,250.

• 1:50 a.m. Thursday - Caleb J. McDonough, 29, of 409 E. Epworth Forest Road, North Webster, arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. Bond: $600.

• 12:08 p.m. Thursday - Antonio Martinez Jr., 18, of 1724 E. CR 1300S, Silver Lake, arrested for child molesting. Bond: $25,250.

Property Damage


• 10:02 p.m. Wednesday - West 30, 100 feet west of North CR 525W, Warsaw. Pickup hit deer. Driver: Sherry L. McNeely, 51, North Surf Drive, North Manchester. Damage: $2,500-$5,000. Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office investigated.

• 2:41 a.m. Thursday - North CR 200E, 300 feet north of East CR 750N, Leesburg. Car hit deer. Driver: Robert L. White, 30, Sophie Lane, Warsaw. Damage: $2,500-$5,000. KCSO.


• 3:55 p.m. Wednesday - A warrant was served in the 300 block of East Main Street, Warsaw. Warsaw Police Department investigated.

• 7:07 p.m. Wednesday - A driver was cited in the 900 block of East Fort Wayne Street, Warsaw, for driving while suspended with a prior suspension. WPD.

• 1:09 a.m. Thursday - A person was arrested in the 2000 block of East Center Street, Warsaw, for possession of marijuana. WPD.