With the spring season hopefully in full bloom soon, the city of Warsaw Public Works Department is asking for assistance from residents with the following:

• Street sweepers will be running as much as the weather allows. Keep yard waste bags and brush piled behind the curb line to allow sweepers to clean gutter lines.

• The street sweeping routes will follow a day behind normal trash routes, so trash cans need to be removed from the street within 24 hours of being serviced to allow the streets to be cleaned.

• Yard waste bags shall not exceed 40 pounds per bag. Brush can be piled loosely behind curb lines for pickup. Yard waste MUST be in paper bags, not plastic. Keep yard waste separated from trash and set apart from trash to avoid any confusion. Trash will not be picked up with yard waste mixed in.

• As mowing season begins, remember not to blow grass clippings into the street as these clog storm drains, create drainage issues and pose safety hazards for some vehicles.