A West Lafayette man was arrested Friday for sexual misconduct with a minor after being caught having sex with an underage girl in a vehicle in April.

Donald Perry Crider, 19, West Lafayette, was arrested and booked into the Kosciusko County Jail at 12:59 p.m. Friday for sexual misconduct with a minor. His preliminary bond was set at $11,000.

Court documents filed Aug. 7 list the charges against him in the case as sexual misconduct with a minor, a level 5 felony, and child pornography, a level 6 felony.

On April 28, a Silver Lake Police Department law enforcement officer noticed a parked vehicle. As he approached the vehicle, he saw a man and girl engaged in sex. The officer alerted them of his presence and they immediately put their clothes on.

He asked both of them for identification. The man provided his driver’s license, which identified him as Crider. The girl did not have any identification on her, but when the officer made contact with a woman who knew her, the woman said the girl was between the ages of 14 to 16 and she said she did not know the girl was with Crider.

The officer confiscated both the girl’s and Crider’s cell phones for an attempt to obtain a search warrant, according to court documents. Once the warrant was received, on May 4 a search of Crider’s cell phone was done. Multiple images on Crider’s phone showed the underage girl in various states of nudity.

On June 5, SLPD officer Jason McGlennen interviewed the girl. She said she sent multiple images of herself in various states of nudity to Crider. She also said she and Crider had sex on four other occasions prior to the April 28 incident. She said Crider told her not to discuss their relationship with anyone due to the age difference as it was illegal in Indiana.