Before quickly getting through two petitions before them, Warsaw Plan Commission approved a resolution amending the plan for the Northern Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District Monday.

City Planner Jeremy Skinner explained that the resolution is part of the Nextremity deal that the City Council and Redevelopment Commission previously approved. “Really what you’re doing is approving the amendment ... to the Northern TIF District plan that the Redevelopment Commission approved at their last Redevelopment Commission last Tuesday.”

He said it’s an amendment to the plan to “allow for economic development incentives to Nextremity that the City Council and Redevelopment Commission approved with the memorandum of understanding” in May.

“Your approval of this amendment will basically be approving what the Redevelopment Commission has approved, then it will go to the City Council and back to the Redevelopment Commission over the next couple of weeks,” Skinner said.

Plan Commission Vice President Rick Keeven asked for a further explanation of the resolution. Skinner said it’s not an expansion, but just an amendment to the Northern TIF development plan.

“So every TIF district has a plan in it, and in that plan is a list of projects that we have outlined that we want to accomplish. It allows, with the property acquisitions that we may acquire, and also a list of possible incentives. We’re amending that plan to allow us to give incentives to Nextremity as part of the economic development deal we made for them to occupy the second shell building that is under construction in the Tech Park as we speak,” Skinner said.

At the May 18 Redevelopment Commission meeting, Skinner said Nextremity will be occupying the shell building at 1195 Polk Drive and be moving 54 full-time employees into that facility. Nextremity will make roughly $2 million in equipment and machinery upgrades and add 42 employees with annual wages ranging from $28.22 to $33.70 an hour, all over a five-year period. The Redevelopment Commission would be making an equipment purchase in the amount of $250,000.

Nextremity is getting some state incentives, as well as the local incentives for this project.

The Plan Commission unanimously approved the resolution Monday.

Senior Planner Justin Taylor then presented the first petition. From BTC Investments, the request was for a preliminary and final replat of merging lots 4 and 5 of the Haldewang subdivision in a Commercial-2 zone. BTC wants to combine the two lots to accommodate an expansion of their facility at 137 Enterprise Drive. The combined two lots would create a 3.38-acre lot.

“Since this subdivision does not include any additional public infrastructure, I recommend that the Plan Commission grant preliminary and final approval for the replat of lots 4 and 5 of the corrected plat of Haldewang subdivision,” Taylor said.

With no remonstrators, the Plan Commission unanimously approved the preliminary and final replat as requested.

The second petition was for a replat for The Williams Landing subdivision from Chandler and Erin Williams to reconfigure and subdivide two lots to create three. In a Residential-1 zone, the three lots would have an average size of 11,907 square feet, Taylor said.

“Since lots B and C of the Williams Landing subdivision do include additional public infrastructure, I recommend that the board grant only preliminary approval for these lots,” Taylor said. “But I also recommend that the board suspend the rules and grant preliminary and final approval for lot A if the board deems it appropriate.”

The Plan Commission approved only the preliminary replat for lots B and C, and the preliminary and final replat for lot A. Lots B and C will come before the Plan Commission at a later meeting when the developer is ready with a final replat for them.