Warsaw Community Public Library Board of Trustees learned about the success of this year's summer reading challenge during a brief meeting Monday.

"By the end of July, we had 662 adults, 321 teens and 1,094 children registered to read pages or count minutes," said WCPL Director Ann Zydek. "Overall, we had a very successful program."

Comparing 2022's youth summer reading challenges to 2021's, there was an increase in the number of participating patrons and the number of pages/minutes logged. In 2021, children logged a total of 470,925 pages/minutes read. This year, children logged a total of 857,025 pages/minutes read.

The Board also approved three resolutions during its meeting, which include joining the Indiana State Library Consortium for public library internet access; reducing current budgets; and transferring funds from WCPL's operating fund to the rainy day fund. No changes were made to the annual resolution for WCPL's commitment to joining the Indiana State Library Consortium. The two resolutions regarding budgetary items are also matters the Board completes on a regular basis.

WCPL's Board of Trustees' next meeting is at 4 p.m. Sept. 12.