People will be able to hear stories from others who have dealt with sexual assault; or physical, mental and emotional abuse; or tell their own stories during the Walk of Warriors event Saturday.

Walk of Warriors will start at 1 p.m. at Center Lake, said Stephanie Puckett, event organizer.

The event is to help raise awareness and support those affected by sexual assault or physical, mental and emotional abuse, according to the event’s flyer.

Puckett said she and some family and friends are putting on the event. Puckett’s daughter wanted to put it on to tell people there is help for people who have dealt with abuse, as Puckett’s daughter was sexually abused.

During the event, there will be some people who will share their stories, and anyone else who wants to tell their stories can, Puckett said.

Also during the event, those attending will walk around the old courthouse, she said. There will be cookies and refreshments and Puckett said they are hoping to have one of the picnic shelters for the event.

A raffle will be offered Saturday. Tickets are $1 each or $5 for six. Proceeds go to the Warsaw Police Department.

Puckett said the proceeds will go to WPD because when her daughter’s abuse was reported, an officer from WPD came out and took the report. The officer was very helpful in the situation and Puckett’s daughter has been appreciative of that. Puckett’s daughter has always lived in Warsaw and looks up to the police department.

Puckett said she hopes the event will allow people to tell their story if they have fear about it. She also hopes her daughter continues to have strength. After Puckett’s daughter came out with her story, Puckett said other girls have come out and said they were sexually assaulted by the same person as she was.

If anyone wants to contribute refreshments or equipment for the event, contact Puckett at The event also has a Facebook page.