Management for Stonehenge Golf Club went virtually before the Kosciusko County Alcohol Beverage Commission Thursday for two applications for the board to consider.

Kosciusko County Alcohol Beverage Commissioners are Elim Smith, Alan Alderfer, Dan Woods and excise officer April Tackett.

28Fifty Management LLC, doing business as Stonehenge Golf Club, 2850 E. Pierceton Road, Winona Lake, had new applications for a beer retailer – restaurant permit and for a beer, wine and liquor - restaurant permit.

Representing the company was Mark Webb, who said the golf club has undergone a management restructuring.

Once the beer, wine and liquor permit is approved, plans are to transfer the license for the dining facility to Winona TC LLC. The clubhouse on the lower level will be managed by 28Fifty.

Cindy Hepler also spoke for 28Fifty, saying  entrances and exits to the clubhouse and dining facilities will be separate.

Webb said the plan, if the permits are approved, is to attend a state hearing Aug. 18 and request the transfer. He also requested a meeting with Tackett next week, which was established. She requested a new floor plan when she arrives.

The 28Fifty Management permits were approved.

Smith asked about the escrowed permit for Racoon Run, which closed last year.

Tackett said the old system of requesting a five-year extension in writing is no longer in effect. People who have a permit in escrow must attend a hearing in Indianapolis and that committee will decide how long a permit stays in escrow, depending upon the circumstances of the business closure.

The other new application was for:

• Kelly Jae LLC dba Kelly Jae’s Lakeside, 110 E. Main St., Syracuse, a new application for a beer wine and liquor permit – riverfront.

Kelly Graff, owner, and Beth Greer, general manager, attended the meeting virtually.

Graff said the new small restaurant and bar will offer dining space and a carry-out menu.

Tackett said the orange sign indicating a permit application  was posted and checked. She also ensured the nearby church was more than 200 feet from the restaurant building.

Graff said she owned a restaurant in Goshen for 12 years, when asked about her experience.

Tackett said she will return for final inspection when Graff indicates all construction is finished, which should be at the end of September.

The following permits were renewed with no violation’s noted:

•  Bar B-Q Bar LLC, dba Peterson’s Fish, 1009 S. Huntington St., Syracuse, renewal for a beer, wine and liquor permit – restaurant.

• DolgenCorp LLC, dba Dollar General Store No. 19834, 8919 E. Black Point Road, Syracuse, and Dollar General Store No. 20445, 4739 N. Ind. 13, Leesburg, renewals for beer and wine dealer – grocery store.

• Lisa Overmyer, dba Double Shot Liquor, 104 E. State St., Etna Green, renewal for a beer, wine and liquor license, package store.

• McClure Oil Corp., dba McClure Oil No. 55, 9311 S. Ind.  15, Silver Lake, and McClure Oil No. 55, 311 S. Huntington?St., Syracuse, renewals for beer and wine dealer permit – grocery store.

•  The Owl’s Nest, 7369 E. CR 800N, North Webster, beer wine and liquor – catering hall.