SILVER LAKE - Following a petition received from the Rev. Duane Seitz of the Silver Lake Wesleyan Church, the 17-acre property along Dixie Drive and Ind. 15 will be annexed into the town.

The Council voted to annex with a public hearing to follow at the Feb. 9 regular meeting.

Town resident Carolyn Montel, who has spoken up at other meetings regarding the Dixie Drive property, its pending sale and development, asked if the town would have to pay to add water and sewer access to the property.

Utilities Superintendent Joey McNeal said whoever develops the property, whether commercial or residential, will be responsible. Town Clerk Tonya Conley said if the cost should fall on the town's shoulders, there are grant opportunities available.

The Council also heard questions and comments on the ordinance prohibiting the use of campers as permanent dwellings. There is a camper being stored at Bowman's Landing, a mobile home park. Councilmember Nichole Taylor said it does not go against the ordinance to have the camper parked on the property. The owner of the camper was not present for comment.

The Council is working with Town Marshal Jason McGlennen and town attorney Austin Rovenstine to prepare an ordinance prohibiting larger trucks and semis from using side roads. McGlennen suggested a 13-ton (26,000-pound) weight limit, which would still allow smaller trucks. Emergency personnel would be exempt.

In other business:

• McGlennen summarized the police department's end-of-year report. There were 717 traffic stops, 27 domestic complaints and 57 animal complaints in 2021. McGlennen reported unpaid ordinance violations for three individuals, totaling $5,750.

• The Council voted to keep John Conley as fire chief. Conley reported 89 runs in 2021 and five runs this month, three mutual aids and two medical assists.

• The claim docket was $139,557.32.

• The Council will next meet at 7 p.m. Feb. 9.