Echoes of the Past – a local tractor club – will be planting a crop of corn or soybeans on available tillable property at the Warsaw Tech Park.

Warsaw Community Development Coordinator Jeremy Skinner told the Redevelopment Commission at its meeting Monday that Echoes of the Past would like to farm what property is available within the Tech Park that was not being used.

He said that property has not been farmed out in the last year because of the utilities that go out that way. Skinner said he didn’t have an issue with it. He said he thought the money generated by the club on the crop was donated to a nonprofit.

Commission member Mike Klondaris asked about liability coverage. Tim Meyer, Commission president, said Echoes would provide proof of insurance as they stated in the document submitted.

The document states the property will not need to be mowed or maintained by the city; it would deter “off-roading” in the undeveloped areas; it will allow the 501(c)3 club to further its mission by using the crop sales to further promote agriculture in Kosciusko County to youth; Echoes of the Past is fully insured.

The club’s website is

A motion by Commission member Jeff Grose to approve the request was unanimously approved.

Next, Skinner presented a contract with Wessler Engineering for engineering to design the airport road lift station and force main. After the engineering is complete, the lift station and force main will be taken to bid.

Klondaris asked if it would be on property currently owned by the city. Skinner said it was. He said it would service all of the airport’s property and all the adjacent developable land.

A motion to approve the contract by Commission Vice President Rick Snodgrass was unanimously approved.

A resolution amending the Northern Economic Development Area was approved next.

“We’re not expanding the district, we’re amending the plan, and we’re amending the plan to include Cross PVD UV Coating and Finishing Corporation as a taxpayer. By doing so, we will collect any personal property taxes generated by them into the TIF district,” Skinner said.

The corporation will be locating in the original Winona PVD facility, behind Medtronic. Winona PVD is no longer in existence.

“The equipment being purchased by this company – in order for taxes to be collected as the Winona PVD equipment was, we have to designate them as a taxpayer and that’s all we’re doing - designating them as a taxpayer,” Skinner said.

He said he didn’t know when Cross PVD would be in the facilities, but he understood that they are hiring.

“The equipment never left the facilities. So the equipment is still there. Now, what configuration it’s in, that I don’t know, but the equipment never left the facilities,” Skinner said.

He said, as with any amendment, the resolution will go to the Plan Commission and City Council before coming back to the Redevelopment Commission in a month or so.

Skinner then presented three transfer requests - one for $5,000 for professional legal services in the Winona Interurban TIF; the second is in the Northern TIF for $100,000 for professional services related to developing sanitary sewer plans within the TIF district. Another $7,000 transfer request is to address a short fall in the debt service budget due to a repayment schedule error Skinner said was his fault. He didn’t have the proper repayment schedule when preparing the 2021 debt service budget for the airport sewer bond, but that issue has been corrected.

The Redevelopment Commission unanimously approved the transfer request. The transfer was scheduled to go before the City Council, too, Monday night.

In other business, the Commission:

• Approved a notice to the county auditor, Warsaw City Council and all overlapping taxing units that the Commission determined there is no “excess assessed value” that may be allocated to the overlapping taxing units from the tax increment finance districts and economic development areas. The notice is made annually.

• Approved the May claims, including $475.80 to American StructurePoint for ongoing work on the Buffalo Street plaza project; $217.50 to Barnes & Thornburg LLP for work on a resolution; $6,746 to A & Z Engineering for CR 300N ongoing work; $280.50 to Plews Shadley Racher & Braun for work on the Argonne Road project; and $1,450 to Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors for overseeing the Airport Industrial Park bond issue.

• Heard from Skinner that a ribbon-cutting ceremony was being planned for the Buffalo Street plaza project. He thought it was May 21 at 1 p.m., but that was tentative.

Asked about the East Market Street senior apartments’ completion date, Skinner said he believed it was sometime this fall.