Warsaw racetrack supporters had 71 motorcycles registered for last week’s motorcycle ride organized to raise money to support the Kosciusko County Fair Board lawsuit against lake homeowners.

Sandy Atkins, who runs We Want Another Warsaw Speedway on Facebook, put a good spin on Sunday’s participation even though turnout for the three live bands afterward appeared to be sparse, probably due to 90-degree temps. Online, she also said that finding sponsors for the event had not been easy, claiming too many businesses indicated they were afraid to get involved.

The need for money, though, continues as the lawsuit seeking to shut down motorized racing moves forward. Atkins underscored that point days later by seeking on Facebook more ideas for fundraising events.

On a side note, Atkins had a long list of people to thank for their support, including City Councilman Ron Shoemaker whom she credited with participating in an opening ceremony and helping with registration.

MICHIGAN RESULTS – Former Warsaw resident Jim Hines, a doctor and former missionary, faced tough results Tuesday in his run for governor in Michigan. Hines, a longtime friend of Kosciusko County GOP chairman Mike Ragan, finished fourth in a four-way Republican primary. It was his first bid for elected office. The 62-year-old Saginaw resident and two other candidates lost to Bill Schuette, the state’s attorney general, who will face state lawmaker Gretchen Whitmer in the Nov. 6 general election.

TOO ROUGH? – It seems the folks who run the Warsaw Community Facebook page have heard complaints about the attacks on public officials, so they created a poll asking if followers of the page believe administrators play too “rough.”

The survey concludes by declaring “Majority rules,” which implies that results could steer their decision on whether to continue the attacks, many of which have been aimed at Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer.

The poll was expected to conclude this weekend. As of Friday morning, 57 percent of the page’s followers indicted they think the attacks are too much.

SMITH’S INPUT –  A public blowup among state leaders resulted in more criticism this week of Attorney General Curtis Hill, who is mired in a harassment scandal.

Renewed attacks on Twitter came this week when Hill sparred with State Secretary Connie Lawson over a push to establish more satellite voting sites in Marion County. At one point, Hill called Lawson – a fellow Republican – “ill-informed.”

Kosciusko County Democratic Chair Brian Smith, who is among numerous officials to call for Hill’s resignation, took a few swipes at Hill this week. One of Smith’s tweets pointed out that “man-splaining election law to the chief election officer in the state is somehow not the worst thing @AGCurtisHill has done over the past month.”

Smith also took a shot at U.S. Rep. Jim Banks’ support for President Trump’s proposed space force. Banks said on Twitter that he agrees with Trump in that “we must do more to prioritize America’s space efforts.”

Smith in turn suggested Banks should be more concerned about farmers in the 3rd District who are “getting hammered thanks to the #TrumpTariffs.”

FEWER VACANCIES? – Downtown Warsaw doesn’t have many storefront vacancies. Unfortunately, the only real sore spot happens to be across from the county courthouse and city hall at the corner of Center and Buffalo streets, where three stores sit empty.

But change might be on the way. On Monday, Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director Rob Parker sounded optimistic during a presentation to the Warsaw City Council. He hinted some progress could be in store for at least one of the properties.

Empty stores near the corner include the old jewelry store, a restaurant, and the short-lived book and wine business across the street.