NORTH WEBSTER – During a special meeting Wednesday, the North Webster Town Council approved a bid to pave portions of several streets in town.

Three bids were received: Niblock for $316,960.67, Phend & Brown for $392,165.21 and Brooks Construction for $338,403.43.

Rick Pharis, with Triad, said the council could accept all three bids.

The project includes paving portions of First Street, Blaine Street, Dixie Drive, East Street, Effie May and East Madison Street.

Pharis recommended Niblock. He believes North Webster used Niblock with their last Community Crossings grant. The council approved his recommendation.

The Community Crossings grant is through the Indiana Department of Transportation and is a 75/25 match, he said. The acceptance of the bid will be contingent on getting the money from INDOT.

He said Niblock will not start until Clerk-Treasurer Leigh Ann Jessop gives a notice to proceed, which will happen when the town receives the grant money.

Pharis said he expects the project to start around May or June.