WINONA LAKE – Timothy Poyner, owner and founder of Creative Technology Solutions Inc., an IT services company serving small business owners throughout the North-Central Indiana and surrounding region, released a new book this week ensuring business owners have key practices in place to guarantee protection against increasingly aggressive cybersecurity attacks and to better understand how they can follow new CMMC guidelines required by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The book, “The Compliance Formula,” describes how to achieve and remain compliant regardless of whether a small business works directly with the government– which, as the book details, is an increasing requirement for all small businesses.

“Cyberhackers are costing the DoD and its contractors billions each year,” says Timothy Poyner, chief executive officer for Creative Technology Solutions Inc. “Any company that works with them must become CMMC compliant in order to stand out from competitors and avoid hefty fines.”

Poyner encourages all small businesses and organizations to begin embracing the CMMC framework as this will become the standards that we will all be required to embrace to protect our businesses, our communities, our customers and our nation, according to a news release from Creative Technology Solutions Inc.

This book will outline necessary steps to make sure your business is fully compliant with CMMC standards and how to weave CMMC compliance into your workplace culture.

For more information about “The Compliance Formula …Successful Strategies Of CMMC Compliant Companies,” or to purchase copies of the book, visit or contact Creative Technology Solutions Inc. at 574-268-CTSi (2874).

Poyner, CEO of Creative Technology Solutions Inc., has served North Central Indiana-area businesses for more than 25 years – specializing in helping professional service firms, not-for-profits and manufacturing sectors with their IT consulting, management and support needs. He and his team have worked to provide fairly priced IT services to small businesses and organizations, protecting them from cybercrime, helping them with compliance issues like PCI, HIPPA and CMMC and making sure their technology “just works” so they can successfully and securely do their jobs and grow their business.