Mission Point Community Church, 1 Tiger Lane, Warsaw, is partnering with the Warsaw community to recognize this year’s graduating high school class by giving them $20 gift cards.

The campaign is called the “Warsaw Twenty 4 2020 Challenge” and aims to raise $11,000 by Thursday to give gifts to all 550-plus Warsaw-area graduates, according to a news release from Mission Point Community Church.

The campaign serves as a way to celebrate seniors who have missed out on big milestones.

“The 2019-20 school year has turned out to be unlike any in the 175 years of education in the Warsaw community,” said Warsaw Community Schools Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert. “Many of our seniors are currently experiencing a grieving process. Our goal has been to find new ways to celebrate their accomplishments and create lasting memories of their experience.”

Gift cards will be delivered to Warsaw Community High School and Lakeland Christian Academy for distribution.

Mission Point asks that community members send the information of Warsaw-based graduating homeschool students to 2020grad@missionpoint.net so that no graduate goes unrecognized.

Homeschooled students will receive their gifts by mail, stated the release.

“Warsaw is like a big family,” says Kondo Simfukwe, lead pastor at Mission Point. “There is no doubt that we would want any excuse to let our high school seniors know that we love them ... this campaign just gives us a practical way to do that.”

Donations are accepted at missionpoint.net/twenty-4-2020.