MILFORD – Mishler Funeral Home & Cremation Center in Milford is turning 75 this year and has plans to mark that milestone.

Ryan Mishler, president & CEO of Mishler Memorials and Mishler Funeral Homes, announced that in honor of his grandfather, Wade Mishler, the founder of Mishler Funeral Home, the funeral home will be donating a granite headstone to every family they care for in 2021.

“We believe it is an opportunity to give back to the community in a special and lasting way,” he said.

When a granite memorial is placed at a grave, it is the final gesture by family and friends to mark the life of someone precious to them, according to a news release from the funeral home. As you walk through a cemetery, you can learn a lot about someone by the inscriptions and artwork on their memorial. It tells their story. Not only did that person live, but they were loved, and they left a mark in this world.

In the 1960s, Wade Mishler was one of the first funeral directors in the area to begin offering headstones. He saw it as another way he could help families. Over five decades later, that tradition continues with his grandson, Ryan Mishler, through Mishler Memorials.

While many funeral homes today are offering monument sales as a third party, Mishler Funeral Home is set apart by the fact that it owns and operates monument production facilities, the release states. They handle the block of granite from the quarry to the finished marker at the cemetery.

“By producing the granite memorials in house, we are able to provide not just financial savings to families, but exceptional care and detail throughout the entire process,” said Mishler. “When a community puts their sacred trust in you for 75 years and three generations, the least you can do is say thank you in a meaningful way.”

Families who would like to know more about this program can contact the funeral home at 574-658-4197 at any time.

Mishler Funeral Home and Cremation Center will be celebrating their 75th anniversary with the community in different ways throughout the entire year. Several more announcements will soon follow.